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How many hours come in our package? 
Our packages come with up to 4 hours of event time standard, always. You are also more than welcome to add additional time to your reservation in increments of 1 hour.
How much space do we need for the photo booth experience?
For our Hipstr Halo Package, we recommend a 10 ft by 10 ft footprint. We can accommodate a smaller footprint if needed, but this is our recommendation for the best experience. Please see below for additional packages: Hipstr Array: 12ft by 12ft. Hipstr 360: 15ft by 15ft. 
Does my venue need to have wifi? 
Although it is not a requirement a wifi connection can help with faster photo sharing. If no wifi network is available we are able to provide a portable network.
How many guests can fit in each photo? 
As long as we have the recommended footprint for your booth package we, can typically fit up to 10 guests in a halo booth photo. For best results with Array we recommend up to 5 guests and our 360 package can fit up to 2 guests at a time.
Do you guys do outdoor events? 
Yes - all the time. There are just a few considerations that you should keep in mind, which are outlined below. 
1. Make sure that the photo booth experience is not set up in direct sunlight. This is a photography experience and we want to ensure that your photos are not washed out by light. 
2. We’ll need to be placed on flat, solid, and dry ground. 
3. If you’d like a backdrop we’ll need to ensure that winds aren’t moving more than 7mph.
4. We’ll need to be within 30 feet of a power outlet, and yes generators are fine. 
5. In case of inclement weather, we’ll need to make sure that there’s a plan B that allows the photo booth experience to continue even if the weather gets a little moody. 
Can I customize my backdrop? 
Yes - you can fully customize your backdrop. It is an upgrade option that you can add to any package. With this upgrade, you’ll work directly with our design team, who will provide you with a mockup of your vision before we send it to print to ensure it’s exactly how you want it. This backdrop is yours to keep after your event as well. Please note that we need at least a 30-day lead time before your event for us to ensure that we can get designed and printed on time. 
Can I use a neon sign I purchased? 
Yes - the only thing we require is a way to hang without puncturing the backdrop. 
Can I extend my hours? 
Yes - of course. You can either add an “idle hour”, which means that the booth will be fully set up but non-operational, or you can add an “active hour”, which means the booth will be set up and operational for guests to use. 
What print size options can I choose from? 
With most of our packages, you can choose between a 2 x 6 print size or a 4 x 6 print size. With each of these options, there are several different photo orientations that you can also choose from. 
What’s your cancellation policy? 
You can cancel at any time without incurring any cancellation fees. Your deposit is fully refundable as long as your cancellation occurs before six months of your event date.
Do you have insurance? 
Yes - we can provide a certificate of insurance. We’ll just need at least a two-week lead time prior to your event to add any customizations that may be needed for your venue. 
Can I customize my photo strip? 
Yes - with each of our packages you will be able to work directly with our design team to fully customize your photo overlay. 
Can I book an event with multiple locations? 
Of course!  We have many clients who have worked with us across several state lines. 
Can I move the photo booth to different areas within my venue during an event? 
It is possible but can prove to be challenging depending on the venue. If it is required for the photo booth to be moved mid-event it could take up to an hour and fifteen minutes to set up the experience again. In this scenario, this time would be deducted from your 4 hours of event time. 
How early do you guys arrive at an event? 
Different packages and venues require different setup times. Generally, we aim to arrive at least an hour to an hour and a half prior to the official start time for the photo booth experience. 
What happens with my custom backdrop after the event? 
If you’ve purchased a custom backdrop with us, then that backdrop fully belongs to you after your event concludes. 
How do I reserve my event date? 
You have two options to officially reserve your event date with us. You can either place a 50% deposit down with the remaining balance due 30 days before your event date or pay in full. Either of these options will secure your event date and allow our team to get started with planning and designing for your photo booth experience. 
What information do you need from me after booking? 
We have what’s called an “Event Detail Form”, this form will ask you all the specific information that we’ll need for your event. 
Can I use my design on my photos? 
Yes, you can. You’ll have the option to upload any image or images you’d like to use for your photo layout. 
Do we get an online gallery after the event?
Yes, of course. You’ll receive your online gallery within 1 week of your event date. 
What’s a Hipstr host?
A hipstr host is your day of event contact from Hipstr. They will be taking care of the photo booth setup and breakdown at your venue, as well as hosting the photo booth experience throughout your event to ensure all your guests have an awesome time. 
How far do you travel?
We don’t have a hard line for this question, but generally speaking, we stay within 150 miles of our service areas. If you have a specific location in mind that may be a bit remote, please reach out to us and we’ll get right back to you. 
Does my event in a remote place affect the services?
The main thing remote event locations impact is our ability to connect to the internet. This may make it difficult for guests to instantly receive their images if we have spotty internet reception. 
Do you service New Year's Eve events?
Yes, of course. New Year's Eve does fall into our premium pricing but we are definitely able to service your event. 
What if my event is on a boat?
All hands on deck! It’ll be our pleasure to party with you on your vessel of choice. All we’ll need are specific load-in instructions for the pier, and of course, we’ll still need to meet our footprint and power requirements. 
What if my event requires you to take a ferry?
We’ll only ask you to cover ferry costs, but besides that we’re happy to accommodate. 
What if my venue has limited space?
Our recommendation is a 10 x 10 foot print but we can certainly shrink the experience to accommodate even the most intimate venue spaces.
Do we require a vendor meal?
This is certainly not a requirement, but our hosts would greatly appreciate it. 
Our ceremony and reception are in the same location, how would this impact setup times?
This all depends on personal preference. Usually, in these scenarios, clients would like for the photo booth experience to be set up before the ceremony. If this is the case for you, we can easily accommodate you. You’ll only need to add the additional idle hours needed for the team to arrive earlier than normal. 
Can I bring my own props? 
Yes, of course. You’re more than welcome to bring any of your own props to add to the experience.
Can I provide my own backdrop? 
Yep, you sure can. We only ask that you have at least an 8ft by 8ft backdrop, that is nonreflective and is thick enough for light to not pass through. 
How does all-inclusive pricing work? 
It's pretty simple, all-inclusive means that everything within our packages is included and there are no additional choices in choosing any of the items within the package. 
How long will our Online Gallery be available? 
Our online galleries are available for a minimum of six months after your event has been serviced. From there you may download all of your images directly to your personal device for safekeeping.
Do you have the glam beauty filter? 
Yes! We offer a glam package that specializes in studio quality retouching for stunning black and white photos fit for the cover of Vogue! This filter is also available with our Halo package.
Can I still make a photo booth reservation even though my venue isn’t finalized yet? 
Yes - you sure can. Our rates are standard within 50 miles of our service area. So as long as your venue does exceed those limits there will not be an additional travel fee. 
Can the photo booth be set up near a window?
Technically, yes. But please keep in mind that this is a photography experience and if the setup is in direct sunlight it could create changing lighting conditions which is not ideal for shooting the highest quality images.
Can the photo booth be set up on a rooftop terrace? 
Yes. However, we’ll need to ensure that there is an elevator, winds under 7 mph, and a backup plan in case of inclement weather.
How many Hosts should I expect with the Photo Booth experience? 
If there are less than 200 guests at your event, we will have one Hipstr Host who takes care of your reservation.
Does Hipstr handle setting up and breaking down the photo booth? 
Yes. Our Hipstr Host will take care of all setup and breakdown of your photo booth experience. 
How long does breaking down the photo booth usually take? 
It takes less than 30 minutes to break down. 
What if my event is downtown and there are only parking garages or street parking available? 
In these scenarios, our clients are typically able to provide some type of parking voucher from their venue. 
What if my organization is a non-profit, does Hipstr allow for tax-exempt forms?
Yes - we do. 
Does Hipstr allow for military discounts? 
Yes - we’ll just need a valid form of military ID. 
Is my deposit refundable? 
If your event is canceled more than six months from your event date then you would qualify for a refundable deposit. 
Can I reschedule my event? 
Yes, but rescheduling may incur change fees depending on the rescheduled date.
Can we pay in cash for our reservation? 
We are a fully cashless company. But you can reserve your date using any major credit or debit card. 
Do you offer personalized props?
Clients are more than welcome to bring their props, but we are unable to personalize props at this time.