Hipstr History.

Two friends walk into a party…and are severely disappointed at the state of the photo booth industry. Tired of party-throwers booking overpriced, underdeveloped and generally un-fun photo booths, the comrades came up with a company they would want to party with: HIPSTR PHOTO BOOTH. A company with pizzazz. Charisma. A really really good looking company. We start with state-of- the-art technology, pump it up with some social media and drench it with storytelling to bring you not just a photo booth but the highlight of your next party. We’re professionally ridiculous and we bring the party wherever we go. We are Hipstr Photo Booth.

Our Mission.

It’s simple — We Bring The Party! Tired of #adulting we have created a company culture that prides itself on professionalism with a side of ridiculousness.

Look No Further.


Our Values


Where’s our letter “e” you ask? It’s right here, bringing you the very best we can offer all across the board. Or all across your party.

Customer Service

You’ve got enough robots in your life. We guarantee quality human interactions every step of the way. We may even ask how you’re doing because we want to know.

Pricing Integrity

No hidden fees. No sneaky taxes. One Ridiculous Price Package with literally all of our features. Features on features on features.

Meet the Team