The Best Photo Booth Rentals for Corporate Events in Tampa | 5 Reasons To Choose Hipstr

May 22, 2024
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The lights, the hustle, the excitement! Tampa is where the fun never sleeps and memories are made nonstop. So when people ask us, what makes Hipstr the best option for photo booth rentals for corporate events in Tampa, we knew we couldn’t just say one thing.

I’m Hayley, and in today’s post, I’m going to be showing you the top 5 reasons why Hipstr is your answer for giving your team the ultimate photo booth experience.

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1. Customization For Your Brand

Whether you are renting a photo booth for your brand, your client’s event, or a movie premier – you want customization. That’s why at Hipstr, we’ll capture high-quality photo booth images for your event along with a heavy dose of personal touch. From a custom backdrop to personalized photo templates to custom overlays for your photo strips – we make your brand the star of the show. Once you book with our team, you’ll get the choice of seamless backdrop options, standard backdrops, or even a fully custom backdrop. Nothing is off limits when it comes to creativity and making sure your guests say ‘Wow!’ with every snap of the camera.

Along with various backdrops to choose from, our standard photo booths offer props that fit any theme. Your photos will live on forever, so use them to create buzz around your brand or event with totally post-able images and GIFs ready for sharing on social media. All totally on-brand of course.

2. A Premier Glam Photo Booth Experience

Your brand has a voice, a totally unique voice. So we help your brand voice be clearly heard, seen, and experienced with a premier glam photo booth experience. From superior customer service to high-quality equipment, and innovative photo booth offerings – your guests will feel totally immersed and celebrated.  

Having deep roots in the Tampa area, we know the venues and the event spaces like the back of our hand... okay better than that. We are proud to say we've been a part of many weddings, brand launches, corporate gatherings, sportong events, and parties right here in Tampa.

3. One-Of-A-Kind Options

At Hipstr we love our classic photo booth rentals with props and fun backdrops. However, we also offer a variety of photo options for your next event. Our one-of-a-kind 360 booth is the next level in photo booth technology. It’s an open air photo booth that some people even call a 360 Video Booth, as it literally takes a complete full circle set of photos around you.

We also have a photo Mosaic Wall that weaves photos together to create a stunning mosaic from your event. We also have a social media photographer package and offer custom packages for times you really want to take your event up a notch.

We have the latest state-of-the-art photo booths, green screen technology, the ability to create stunning GIFs, and so much more!

4. All-Encompassing Experience

No matter where your event is, our Hipstr teams bring the fun and set it up for you. Setup and breakdown are included with all of our packages. You’ll even be assigned a Hipstr attendant to ensure the fun never dies and be there to answer any questions your guests have.

Not only will you have an epic event that guests will love, but their experience will live on forever through the captured photos, boomerangs, and GIFs. These, of course, are great for sharing on social media to boost your brand's presence.

5. Location, Location, Location!

Have your eyes on a specific event space? Going with the timeless Oxford Exchange, or the vibrant Armature Works, or perhaps the elegant Vinoy resort? Don't worry, even if you don't have the venue selected, there are so many great options in Tampa. And don't worry about proximity either. Our Hipstr team can come to your event whether you are in the heart of our great city or way on the outskirts... or way, way on the outskirts of town. Location should never get between you and an amazing brand experience.

So light up your smile, strike your best pose, and amp your next corporate event up with Hipstr. Embrace the magic of our premium open-air photo booths, classic photo booths, and those unique ones in between.

Go Buccaneers!

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