10 Insanely Creative Photo Booth Ideas To Elevate Your Outdoor Birthday Party

June 7, 2024
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The sun is shining and the kids are full of energy, it’s time to move this party to where it belongs: outside! From easy party food ideas to finding the best kids birthday party games, there is a lot to worry about when planning a party. 😎

And have you thought about how you’re going to incorporate the photo booth for your birthday bash? Whether you are planning a kids party or an adult birthday party, we have the ultimate party-planning secret for you: create an insanely creative and interactive backdrop for your photo booth.

So pour your lemonade, sit back, and relax because I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. These outdoor birthday party ideas harness the magic of photo booths and add a huge splash of fun by making the backdrop the unique star you’ve never seen.

🎨 1. Throw Paint For Lasting Memories

You’re outdoors so why not let the kids have a little fun? Here's the plan… grab a white sheet (that you’ll never use again) and hang it on the wall of your house or between two trees. Then give your kids and all their friends buckets of washable paint and have them throw paint on the sheet. The photos the booth will capture are memories you can’t ever duplicate.

🎈 2. Have A Balloon Blast

Everyone loves balloons! So look to your party theme for some color inspiration and run to get at least 50 balloons blown up. Tie them to a fence or to pavers on the ground and create a balloon wall that guests can stand within. Having the flexibility to move the balloons with long strings will allow each guest to interact with every photo they take. With so many balloons you don’t need any other birthday party decorations.

🌸 3. Summer Flowers For Days

Planning an upscale outdoor birthday party? Grab your girlfriends and go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and buy a ton of potted flowers and flowering trees. Place the potted plants in a circle around a 360 Photo Booth and enjoy the oohs and awws of your slow-motion flower videos.

🏈 4. Sports Memorabilia  

Looking to be the MVP mom at your son's soccer party? Grab all the sports equipment you can get your hands on and hang them with metal hooks on your fence. Guests can either stand in front of the sports memorabilia or wear some of it as they strike their pose.

🎁 5. Wrapping Paper Saver

If you have time on your side but a small budget I have just the trick for you. Go to the dollar store and pick a few rolls of super fun birthday party wrapping paper. Attach the paper to a tall fence in various directions to create a modern party backdrop.

🏀 6. Grown Up Ball-pit

Ball-pits are as nostalgic as peanut butter and jelly! Elevate the concept by purchasing oversized yoga balls, place them on a green lawn for guests to run around with, and enjoy the laughs that will ensue.

🖍️ 7. Giant Coloring Wall

Keeping kids entertained at parties is a full-time job. You probably already have one of those, so here’s another great hack for you. Buy an oversized coloring poster as your backdrop and your guests will be enthralled for hours coloring in the fun wall.

😋 8. Step And Repeat With Food

Chances are you’re going to be ordering a ton of food for your party… so why not order super fun food and set it up picture-perfect style? Psst, fruit always makes for beautiful photos.

🍬 9. Candy Themed Wall

Okay here me out, take the food wall even further by creating a Candyland-themed wall complete with all of your kids favorite candy. Don’t forget the big jars of your favorite candy too.

🌟 10. Glow In The Dark Camp Out

Hosting a party at night? Grab a ton of glow sticks or your kids favorite glow-in-the-dark constellation sets and place them on your backdrop. Encourage your guests to wear vibrant colors or glow-in-the-dark shirts as well. Rent a 3D photo booth for some very magical Gifs and boomerangs.

📸 Bring Your Outdoor Birthday Parties to Life with Hipstr’s Photo Booths

Your kids best birthday party ever is shaping up to be very fun! With so much creativity going into the party, don’t forget to go with a photo booth company that does all the setup for you.

Here is how we at Hipstr can make your birthday party a hit:

Q. How can Hipstr’s photo booths add value to outdoor birthday parties?
A. Photo booths show you have gone the extra mile, but with Hipstr we do all the work for you so you can enjoy your party.

Q. What are some unique photo booth ideas for kids' and adults' outdoor birthday parties?
A. Our photo booth 360 utilizes your beautiful landscape by capturing your guests from every angle. We even have packages that let your guests create Gifs and boomerangs – two surefire ways to have your teens praising you.

Q. How do Hipstr’s services simplify capturing special moments at outdoor parties?
A. We are located nationwide and deliver straight to you. We also provide a Hipstr Host who stays onsite during your event so your guests have a smooth photo booth experience.

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