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May 21, 2024
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Photo booths are a sign of fun and instantly foster excitement wherever they appear. So it’s no wonder that photo booths are becoming more and more popular at conferences. What used to be boring corporate events are now becoming events where guests are posting the fun they are having on social media.

But just like anything, there are photo booth etiquettes that should be followed to ensure everyone attending has a positive photo booth experience.

I am Hayley, your photo booth insider, and in this blog post, I will be walking you through the top 10 dos and don’ts of photo booth etiquette.

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1. Do: Have Fun. Don’t: Get Too Rowdy.

Let’s be honest, taking photos is super fun. Photo booths were literally made for you to be creative and let loose. So yes, have fun, be silly, and be expressive – but don’t get rowdy. Be mindful of backdrops and your surroundings so you don’t bump into anyone or anything.

2. Do: Use The Props. Don’t: Break Anything.  

Take your photos to the next level by using props. Just be aware of the props and what they are meant for. Some props are fragile, so be careful when using each one.

3. Do: Wait Your Turn. Don’t: Cut The Line.

We all want to be in front of the camera as soon as possible and capture memories. However, ensure everyone gets their turn and never, ever cut the line. Be respectful of everyone.

4. Do: Hype Up Your Friends. Don’t: Distract Your Friends.

Give your friends a boost of confidence by cheering them on when it is their turn. Be positive and encouraging to ensure their photos turn out epic. But just be weary of that line from helpful to distracting. Don’t distract the people getting their photos taken.

5. Do: Include Others. Don’t: Exclude People.

Getting everyone involved in the photo is key to a successful photo booth experience. Some people are really shy, so get them involved by boosting their engagement with fun props and having them stand by outgoing people. Don’t exclude anyone, find ways to make everyone the center of the photo.

A gif of a coach giving directions

6. Do: Follow Instructions. Don’t: Ignore The Attendant.  

Most photo booths offer an attendant to be onsite during the duration of your rental. They are there to help maximize your fun and show you how to operate the photo booth. It’s important to follow their guidelines as they know the equipment better than anyone.

7. Do: Capture Memories. Don’t: Hog The Photo Booth.

During your photo booth experience showcase your fun side and create memories that will last a lifetime. Take tons of photos but don’t hog the photo booth. There will be tons of people at the corporate event who are waiting in line, so make sure you give everyone time to also have fun in the photo booth.

8. Do: Be Creative. Don’t: Be Inappropriate.

Let your creativity run wild, strike that ridiculous pose, and take advantage of the fun backdrop. But don’t be inappropriate or make anyone uncomfortable. There are ways to have fun without making it a negative experience for others.

9. Do: Share On Social Media. Don’t: Share Bad Photos.  

When you get your photos share them on social media and tag your friends that were in the booth with you. However, if you receive a photo where one of your friends has their eyes closed or doesn’t look their best, be a good friend and don’t share that bad photo.

10. Do: Show Gratitude. Don’t: Be Rude.

Make sure you show gratitude to your fellow photo booth stars and to your attendant. Also, make sure you say thank you to the one who booked the photo booth and made the magic happen. Be kind to everyone involved and never be rude.

A gif of a woman giving the heart shape


If you are the one who booked the photo booth, first, give yourself a pat on the back. Second, make sure you are just as prepared as your guests with the etiquette you need to follow as the host.

Your next event is about to be epic thanks to your photo booth rental. But make sure everyone attending and planning the event has fun by following the dos and don’ts listed above.
Happy photo taking and strike your best pose!

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