20 Unique Photo Booth Ideas That Will Make Your Event A Huge Hit

May 22, 2024
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Personalized neon signs and curtain backdrops are so last year. It’s time to stir up the photo booth backdrop game with some new and unique photo booth backdrops. Don’t worry, I’m Hayley and I’ve got you covered with 20 photo booth ideas that will blow your mind and knock the socks off your guests. Let’s go!

How do I make my photo booth stand out?

Whether you are looking for unique wedding photo booth ideas, game-changing brand photo booth ideas, or totally rad corporate photo booth ideas – you have to think outside the box. To truly stand out, think of ways you can customize each of the ideas below. Use bold colors. Add props that make them super interactive. Or perhaps find unique pieces for the backdrop that add flare.

1. Save The Date Backdrop

Your big day is one you want to remember forever. Using Marquee Letters or numbers is a great way to showcase either your new last name or wedding date. Or both, hey we don’t judge. There is no such thing as too much on your wedding day.

2. Sitting Area backdrop

Think coffee shop vibes from Friends or a sitting room from the Beverly Hills circa 1960. With a big couch in the center and all the throw pillows you can find at Homegoods – your guests will love this movie scene moment.

3. Social Media Frenzy  

Using hashtags at your wedding can be a great way for guests to interact and share photos. So why not take that social media love and amplify it with hashtags and emojis on a larger-than-life backdrop? Great for any occasion or event. You can make sure your teen and her friends have the ultimate selfie station at her graduation party. You can even pair this backdrop with a photo booth that comes with GIF and Boomerang options.  

4. Red Carpet Premiere

No one strikes a pose better than the celebrities on a red carpet night. Make your event a showstopper with a red carpet, gold stanchions, and lights. You could even add fun camera props so guests can interact with others as paparazzi.

5. Chalkboard Background

If your wedding or event is more on the rustic side, a chalkboard backdrop is the ultimate old farmhouse vibe. You could even write your wedding hashtag in the center of the chalkboard and have guests write their well wishes around it. With chalk the possibilities are endless.

6. Totally You Backdrop

If you are planning an event where one person is the star of the show – showcase them! You can personalize a photo booth backdrop with a custom theme tailored to that special person. Create a magazine cover backdrop showing them as the true star that they are.  

7. Hanging Frames

If your event is outside why not highlight the beautiful outdoors with some simple hanging frames or windows? This sleek and easy backdrop can be put together quickly on-site.

8. Candles

Looking for some sweet rustic vibes? Nothing says classic romance like candles. Choose a plain backdrop or simple setting and place candles everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. Buy them in bulk and above all – buy the fake candles that won’t become a fire hazard.

9. Vintage Vibe

Add a real vintage feel with a simple setting stocked with tons of fun props. From Polaroid cameras to silly props, create a photo booth that your guests can interact with. Remember you want them to have a photo booth experience they can’t get anywhere else.

10. Balloon Backdrop

Arches, animals, popcorn spilling – the things you can create from balloons are endless. Think about your event and then enlist the help of friends or hire a professional balloon backdrop creator. (That’s their title, right? 🙂)

11. Swing Booth

A backdrop made for guests of all ages, a swing creates a fun and whimsical photo booth experience. Consider decorating the rope of the swing with flowers or other theme-specific elements.

12. Old Doors

If you are in a location where you can’t put anything on the wall, doors create a wonderful backdrop. You can use old doors for a rustic feel or paint the doors for a sleeker look. It's a great feature wall for any event type and very cost-effective.

13. Ballpit Booth

Okay, okay hear me out on this one. Imagine your uptight boss rolling around like a child in a ballbit. So fun right? Ballpits bring out the inner child in us all and result in super fun photos.

14. Guestbook Wall  

Wedding receptions always have a few core elements. Music, food, and a dusty guest book that you’ll never look at again. Combine your guestbook and photo booth into one super fun activity by having guests sign your backdrop. Choose a sleek solid color and go crazy with the colors your guests sign their names with.

15. Paper Flower Backdrop

Floral backdrops are always so beautiful. They are great for spring events, baby showers, and beyond. If you are looking for ways on how to make your own DIY photo booth – this option is great for you. Creating a paper flower backdrop is very inexpensive. You just buy… the paper or tissue paper. Crazy I know. Yes, it can be time-consuming to create, but there are many DIY YouTube tutorials showing you how to make them easily.

16. Tropical Backdrop

Everyone loves the beach right? So bring it to them with beach chairs, umbrella drinks, and beach balls. Order a simple ocean curtain to hang and go crazy with all the beach elements you can think of.

17. Sports-Themed Booth

Throwing your husband his over-the-top birthday bash? Or are you hosting the Super Bowl this year? Sports equipment makes fun and interactive photo booth props, while guests sport their favorite jerseys.

18. Holiday Specific Backdrop

Whatever happened to Christmas in July? Let’s bring that back with a Christmas backdrop or winter wonderland experience. If your event is close to a major holiday like St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day – consider using it as your backdrop inspo.

19. Vintage Car

Have you seen the beautiful wedding photography of the couple in front of the bright red car? Take that same idea to new heights with a vintage car as your photo booth backdrop.

20. Polaroid Cut-Out Frame

Polaroids are making a comeback and we’re all here for it. Either create several simple Polaroid cutout frames that guests can hold up or hang a large cutout that guests can pose behind.

How do you make a fun photo booth?

Now that you are feeling totally inspired, it’s time to pick an idea and run with it. To create a really fun photo booth it’s important to remember that it should be an experience. Your wedding photographer is capturing those more serious poses, so a photo booth should be more candid. Air on the side of over the top and the fun will follow!

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