5 Innovative Photo Booth Ideas to Elevate Your Next Event

May 21, 2024
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Get your party shoes on, your Hollywood smile, and dress to impress because it’s time to party! Get ready to totally impress your guests and elevate the heck out of your next event with Hipstr photo booths. We left the totally boring guest experiences at home and brought 5 epic photo booth experiences for you to choose from.

I’m Hayley, your photo booth insider and I’m busting at the seams to share 5 innovative photo booth offerings we at Hipstr have to offer you.

So whether you are planning your dream wedding, your company’s brand launch, your boss's retirement party, or your mother-in-law's lavish birthday bash – we’ve got you covered.

Friends in an open air photo booth at an event

1. Hello HALO Photo Booth!

Remember when photo booths at parties were stuck in the dark back corner of the room? Yeah, that changes now. With the HALO photo booth, you’ll be setting up center stage and guests will be lining up to experience the magic. Sleek, modern, and jam-packed with fun in an itty bitty footprint – it takes up a small space. But no one is left out of the fun as you can fit up to 10 people. Say cheese without the cheesy photo booth.

2. An ARRAY of Awesomeness!

Why choose just one side of you when you can capture your memories in 3D? The Array photo booth is a dynamic way to let your guests truly let loose. With 11 cameras, photos are stitched together to create GIFs. Talk about the ultimate party favor.

A Gif of someone saying 'awesomesaue'

3. 100% Fun with 360 Degree Photo Booth!  

For those looking for a show-stopping video experience at your next event, we’ve got the solution for you. The 360 Photo booth harnesses the newest technology to unleash your imagination. Magical to use, your guests can pose, dance, or stature-stand as a camera goes all the way around them. We don’t know what's more mesmerizing, the experience or the final slow-motion video.

4. Moments in MOSAIC!

Picture this: the moments from your event are pieced together to tell a story you can experience again and again. The Mosaic experience takes individual photos that are then weaved together using cutting-edge technology to create a stunning mosaic wall. Moments become treasured memories that tell your event story.

A woman adding a photo to a Mosaic photo booth wall

5. Hashtag the Social Photographer!

If you’re looking for something a bit more spontaneous and unique, the social photographer package is for you. Designed to capture candid moments and take up no space at all, the Social Photographer experience is like nothing else. Our photographer captures the roaming smiles, and you get to enjoy instant prints of the natural moments.

Move Over Traditional Photo Booth

From events big and small to lavish and low-key – Hipstr has you covered with all things fun photos. If you’re struggling to decide which photo booth experience is right for your event, contact our Hipstr team today. We love planning fun, so we’d be happy to help you plan something epic!

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