Aint No Party Like A Tampa Party: 5 Epic Party Venue Ideas

June 18, 2024
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If you love living it up in Tampa raise your hand! 🙋

You are not alone, as three neighborhoods in Tampa have just been voted among the top ten best places to live in the US! Uptown, Hyde Park – Spanishtown Creek, and Harbour Island are your winning neighbors, congrats. 

So let’s throw a party and celebrate. From birthday parties, office parties, quinceaneras, weddings, and parties just because – the vibrant city of Tampa has a lot to offer when it comes to party planning. 

But don’t forget to invite the life of the party… a Hipstr photo booth. Totally interactive, totally easy to book, and a total hit no matter what party you are planning. 

Speaking of planning, let’s talk details because I have some hidden gem locations for you and some Tampa party ideas that will make your party lit. 

5 Hidden Gem Locations Perfect For Any Party

When it comes to Tampa event venues, there is no shortage of options. In fact, it can get pretty overwhelming. So allow me to share with you 5 super unique locations to rent for your party. 

  1. Red Door No. 5 🚒

If you are looking for an off-the-wall location, Red Door No. 5 packs a punch of everything different and unique. Located in the charming Tampa Heights area, this venue is a remodeled fire station. I’m thinking a Ghost Busters party is in your future. 

  1. Hyde House 🎭

Looking for somewhere artsy and fun? Newly opened in the heart of the village, Hyde House Public Studio offers an atmosphere that you can really only find in Tampa Bay. From modern art, to quirky wallpaper, to beautifully covered outdoor areas – its total Tampa Vibe. 

  1. The Oxford Exchange 🪩

Looking to host a daytime party? Or an evening party that goes well into the wee hours? The Oxford Exchange is perfectly located in the heart of the city and offers private rooms for smaller parties as well as large spaces for bigger events. 

  1. Geo’s Lounge 🍷

Looking to host a sexy soirée? Geo’s Lounge offers an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere with no shortage of drinks, charcuterie boards, and live music. 

  1. Station House 💃

Looking for a place away from the city? Look no further than Station House. This charming building offers a variety of places to host an intimate wedding or party. From their gorgeous rooftop to their cozy inside spaces fully adorned with eclectic decor – you’ll love the vibe of it all.  

Tampa’s Hottest Party Trend: Photo Booths! 

Tampa party planning can be exhausting, so choose a location from above, and boom – half your planning is done. And if you are looking for unique party entertainment that is super easy to book, let me tell you about the hottest trend… photo booths. No, I’m not talking about your grandma's photo booth box with dusty props. I’m talking about a sexy, high-end, interactive photo booth rental. 

Hipstr photo booths are headquartered right here in Tampa Bay and our booths are popping up around the city at parties large and small. From our futuristic 360 photo booths to our glam photo booths our fun is trending and we’re here for it. 

Let me tell you a little bit about how we bring that fun. 

How can Hipstr photo booths make a Tampa party more engaging and fun?

                    🎉Our photo booths are interactive so no need to book other entertainment.  

                   🎉Each booth is sleek and modern, making it part of the decor, not an eyesore.

                   🎉All of our packages include unlimited prints.

What are the unique customization options available for different Tampa party themes?

                   🎉With over six packages to choose from, the sky is the limit.   

                   🎉Our booths incorporate modern trends like GIFS, boomerangs, and slow-motion videos. 

                   🎉We offer add-on items and complete custom photo booth packages. 

How does Hipstr ensure seamless integration and setup at various Tampa event venues?

                   🎉Each photo booth is delivered to you, onsite, and we do the setup for you. 

                   🎉Each rental comes with a super fun Hisptr Host to keep the party going. 

                   🎉We have photo booths small and large for all venue types and sizes. 

If you’re ready to jump on the latest Tampa party trend, contact our team at Hipstr today to book your booth photo party rental. 

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