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June 10, 2024
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Launching a new product, service, or re-brand is a huge deal — you want to make a splash and get people buzzing! And when it comes to creating memorable experiences that generate instant engagement (and awesome user-generated content), photo booths are a must. But we're not talking lame backdrops or cheesy props here. You need an insanely creative, next-level photo booth that captures your brand's spirit and gets guests totally hyped to interact and share.

At Hipstr, our specialty is crafting wildly unique, ultra-customized photo booth experiences tailored to each brand's individuality. From tricked-out thematic backdrops and entertaining interactive features to digital integration for major social amplification, our booths give you all the tools to kick your launch into overdrive. Let's dive into just how custom and crazy we can get!

Customizing Your Photo Booth Vision 

Your brand is a total vibe — why shouldn't your photo booth reflect that energy and aesthetic to a T? Hipstr lets you personalize every aspect to align with your identity and marketing materials seamlessly.

Think customized backdrop designs featuring your logo, brand colors, graphics, or patterns. Or an Instagrammable thematic set-up bringing your brand story and messaging to life — like a sleek cyberspace scene for a new app launch or a tricked-out vintage car for an old-school product revival. 

But the customization goes way beyond visuals. Our design gurus can add overlays, animations, filters, or even augmented reality (AR) graphics to the final photo/video outputs for extra on-brand pizazz and limitless creative opportunities.

Photo booth brand activation setup

Interactive Features That Wow 

Sure, some photo booths are just...fine. But Hipstr's got major tech game to deliver wildly interactive experiences that create buzz and get folks engaged.

Imagine your guests laughing in delight as they capture slow-motion video clips of themselves lip-syncing brand taglines. Or the energizing thrill of a 360-degree revolving booth that snaps hair-flipping, high-energy stills from every angle. Perhaps a mosaic photo booth where each picture is stitched together to create art. The possibilities are endless for eye-catching, boundary-pushing activations.

Of course, other elements can be interactive too — from spinning prize wheels to GIF-able confetti cannons, every touch-point is a chance for guests to play and connect with your brand in fresh, memorable ways.

Digital Content Galore

In today's scrolling world, creating highly shareable, instantly gratifying content is key for getting social traction and building awareness fast. And Hipstr delivers that premium digital content goldmine.

Every photo or video snapped in our booths can be branded with customized overlay graphics, then instantly retrievable for guests to upload and share across their channels using a branded hashtag of your choice. You can even embed links and CTAs for easy click-throughs to buy, sign up, or learn more about your launch.

We'll also equip your Hipstr attendant with tablets to directly capture emails and contact info from eager participants who want the full branded content experience emailed to them. Now you've got awesome user-generated content plus a hot lead list to nurture!

Influencer Marketing Made Easy

Speaking of maximizing exposure, Hipstr can help amplify your launch by coordinating sponsored influencer integration into your photo booth experience. Whether live streaming the unveiling to their followers or serving as celeb hosts, influencers add credibility and star power.

Their fans will be scrambling to interact with the booth, creating viral content and feverish online chatter. Add some influencer takeovers of your branded hashtag or IG Stories and you've got the ideal recipe for surging your launch into trending territory.

Capturing Your Audience's Attention 

Of course, no marketing activation is complete without appealing to your target audience's specific wants and desires. Hipstr keeps the preferences and personas of your core demographics top of mind.

For the millennial and Gen Z crowds, we're talking vibrant, maximal set-ups dripping with quirky humor and bold pops of color - like a free-spirited ball pit or Memphis-design-inspired backdrop. Inject some nostalgic flair for an extra hit of endorphins.

Aiming for a more luxe vibe to court the affluent professional set? Hipstr can create an elevated branded lounge experience surrounding the booth with chic mid-century modern stylings and a curated champagne tasting.

And for the social media obsessives, you know we're bringing fierce Instabait that'll have everyone snapping away — neon signs, disco balls, reflective surfaces, you name it!

Bring Buzz-Worthy Experiences to Your Launch 

No matter your brand's style or audience, Hipstr's creative visionaries can manifest an awe-inspiring photo booth activation tailored to your launch's exact needs and goals. From ideation and rendering to physical construction and flawless execution, our full-service team handles every detail.

So get ready to wow, convert new fans, and flood those newsfeeds with insanely shareable branded content! Reach out today and let's start dreaming up a wildly unforgettable photo booth experience for your next big debut.

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