Cheers from Dallas: How To Plan The Most Magical Holiday Bash

July 8, 2024
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Get ready to yee-haw through the holidays in Dallas with our ultimate holiday party planning guide. From hidden one-of-a-kind venues to interactive holiday entertainment, we’ll help you sleigh your holiday party. 

Plus, we’re unwrapping the biggest holiday party-planning present ever: photo booths like you’ve never seen them before. Booths so great, the Grinch himself will want an invite to your party. 

Toast To These Hot Holiday Party Venues

Although the weather in Texas might be as hot as the cornbread coming out of the oven, we’ve got Holiday party venues that will put you and your guests in the winter wonderland Christmas spirit. 

  1. ❄️Chatelet By Bluelofts

If you’re going for charming historic Christmas vibes, Chatelet By Bluelofts is for you. Nestled between downtown Dallas and the historic Bishop Arts District, the stunning stained-glass floor-to-ceiling windows will cast magical Christmas light on your entire party. 

  1. 🎄Lone Star Park

If your party includes a long guest list of friends, co-workers, clients, and all the elves – the Lone Star Park is is big enough for up to 1,000 guests to be more than comfortable. With all-inclusive package options, they even fully decorate with lights and Christmas trees inside and out. 

  1. 🎁The Quixotic World 

Is fully festive and all-decked out on your holiday wish list? If yes, then you’ll love the oversized red couches at the Quixotic World. It’s like stepping into a Tim Burton holiday movie that you’ll guests will be screaming to get into. 

Make Spirits Bright With Festive Event Activities 

Sure you can go with the always popular Ugly Sweater contest at your holiday party, but this holiday season we challenge you to think outside the gift box. We’ve come up with 3 interactive holiday party activities to bring the holiday cheer straight to your guests. 

  1. 🎵 Jingle Beats Music Trivia 

Music is the life of any party and who doesn’t love Christmas music? Turn everyone’s favorite tunes into a music trivia game hosted by your DJ. 

  1. 🏠 Gingerbread Wars

If your holiday party is a corporate affair, it’s time to loosen everyone's ties with some friendly competition. Create teams of two or full teams by the dozen to build and decorate the biggest Gingerbread house possible. After all, if it’s a Texas party, go big or go home! 

  1. 📸 Making Memories Bright Photo Booths 

Now I know what you’re thinking… props and 4 walls that fit 2 people at a time… think again. A Hipstr holiday party photo booth rental is not your grandpa’s holiday party staple. Our photo booths are modern, sleek, and are jammed-packed with high-tech magic. 

Spread Cheer With Custom Photo Experiences 

From photo booths that create GIFS & boomerangs to 360 photo booths, Hipstr is becoming the Dallas event enhancement everyone is talking about. Whether you are going for a ho-ho-hoedown in the heart of Texas or a Winter Wonderland extravaganza as big as the state – a Hisptr photo booth will soon become the heart of your holiday party. 

  1. 🎁Custom Wrapping  

Unlike the boxy and boring traditional photo booths, our photo booths are gorgeous to look at. We even offer custom wrapping where we’ll wrap your photo booth in your logo, branding, or holiday theme to create a totally tailored look. Now that’s a beautifully wrapped present.  

  1. 🍾Custom Cheer 

If you’re looking to create that wowza-woo luxe factor at your holiday party, take a peek at our all-new Glam photo booth. With beauty filters, black & white prints, and a totally open-air photo booth experience – your guests will be lining up to have their photo taken. 

  1. Custom Magic 

With unlimited prints and custom border overlays, your prints just became your guest's favorite take-home gift ever. 

If you’re ready to jingle all the way and have this year’s holiday party be the best one yet, click your boots together and head over to Hipstr to lock in the holiday magic. 

Spread joy like salsa on chips at your Dallas holiday fiesta with a photo booth your guests will be talking about for years to come. 

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