Elevate Your Event: A Guide to the Hottest Types of Photo Booths

May 25, 2024
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In today's world of Instagram and TikTok, capturing shareable, buzz-worthy moments has become an art form. And what better way to do that at an event than with a showstopping photo booth experience? From open-air setups to mind-blowing 3D adventures, the photo booth game has seriously leveled up. 

Snap, Pose, Repeat With These Types of Photo Booths

Photo booths have come a long way from the classic enclosed stalls of yesteryear. Today's photo booth experiences are interactive, immersive, and incredibly share-worthy. The latest photo booth trends are redefining how we capture and celebrate unforgettable moments. Get ready to be wowed by these cutting-edge options that will transform your next event into a social media sensation.

1. Open-Air Photo Booth 

Why cram into a tiny booth stall when you can work the room like a Kardashian? Open-air photo booths are a grand affair that let you and your whole squad (up to 10 people!) become the stars of the show. Imagine the iconic group pics you'll capture as you grab your BFFs and let your personalities shine. No more being cut off at the edges or forcing awkward poses just to squeeze everyone in. With an open-air setup, you can fully express yourselves, whether that means cheerleader pyramid levels of extra or cool ranch Doritos levels of chill.

Unlike those claustrophobic enclosed booths, an open-air setup only needs an 8'x8' space to unlock immersive photo fun. Perfect for large events or venues with limited space. Plus, you can swap out those cheesy static backdrops for your own customized choice such as a themed backdrop to match your event's aesthetic. If this is the vibe you’re looking for, then the Hipstr Halo open-air package is for you.

2. 3D Photo Booth

For a new dimension of fun, try a 3D photo booth! These magical setups use an array of cameras to capture your image from multiple angles, creating breathtaking lenticular prints that seem to jump off the page with depth and motion. As you strike a pose inside a spacious 10'x12' area, specialized cameras work in unison, almost like a photographer capturing your portrait from every perspective simultaneously. The result is a wildly realistic 3D print that gives the illusion of your photo quite literally coming to life before your eyes.

Watching guests' jaws drop as they behold their living, animated 3D portraits never gets old. These unique keepsakes make for ultra-shareable social media gold that's guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them. More than just eye-catching prints, Hipstr’s 3D Array package also offers the ability to capture high-resolution 3D video clips and GIFs.

3. Mosaic Photo Booth

A mosaic photo booth allows your guests' individual photos to be seamlessly combined into a breathtaking, larger-than-life mosaic masterpiece. As more photos are added, the mosaic evolves into a living, breathing work of art that celebrates the collective experience.

It's like a million little pieces (both digital and physical) coming together to form one badass David Bowie-inspired cover art mural. Hipstr’s standard 6'x4' mosaic wall is the perfect starting point, but just say the word and we'll go full Banksy to make it a massive masterpiece (well, within reason). Say no more by booking this type of photo booth with Hipstr's mosaic package, and let’s get artistic!

4. 360 Photo Booth

Step into the future and get ready to blow some minds with this next photo booth type. 3D photo booths have been blowing up the scene and it’s no wonder why — this magical experience will have your guests feeling like they've been transported into a sci-fi movie!

Here's how it works: you step into an 8'x8' space (although you might want to leave some room around it so other guests can gather and watch) and strike a pose as the cameras positioned around you start spinning. Like something straight out of The Matrix, your image gets captured from multiple angles to create breathtaking, high-res 3D GIFs and videos to make your socials pop off. Get all this and more with Hipstr’s 360° video booth package.

5. GIF Making Booth

Who says photos have to be still? With a GIF-making booth, you can bring memorable moments to hilarious, animated life! You can channel their inner Jim Carrey and capture looping GIFs of all their wildest facial expressions and gestures. The possibilities are endless with customizable backgrounds, filters, and effects to make each creation utterly priceless.

Just imagine the BuzzFeed-worthy shareable content you'll unleash. Your socials will be blowing up with likes and retweets as you share those silly GIFs with the squad. It's the perfect way to add a fun, ultra-shareable element to your event! The Hipstr Halo package has you covered with endlessly hilarious GIF captures.

6. Slow Motion Booth 

Ever wanted to feel like a superhero in an action movie? With a slow-motion video booth, guests can strike epic poses and watch as their movements are captured in jaw-dropping slo-mo. It'll be like being the star of your very own Marvel movie as you see every hair flip and high kick unfolding in glorious, cinematic slow motion. This unique perspective adds a fun, high-def, "bullet time" flair to any event.

A 360° booth captures all the action with high-resolution, slow-motion video that lets you linger in those heroic moments for a little bit longer — and then save them forever! Book Hipstr's 360° package for memory-making videos guaranteed to shatter the space-time continuum (or at least make it look that way!).

Which Is The Best Photo Booth Type? 

With so many unique, engaging options, the best photo booth type depends on your event's vibe and goals. Whether you want a classic, nostalgic experience or a cutting-edge, social media attraction, Hipstr has the perfect photo booth solution.

Elevate Your Next Event With Hipstr's Stunning Photo Booth Offerings

From open-air setups to immersive 3D experiences, our photo booths create buzz-worthy moments your guests will cherish for years. Explore our packages today, and let's make your event unforgettable!

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