Engagement party photo booth guide: How to create a memorable Engagement Party

June 7, 2024
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You have it all: the perfect fiance, a gorgeous ring, and a lifetime of bliss ahead of you. But before you can even plan the magical wedding, it’s time to execute a beautiful engagement party. Step into our world of fun as I share with you the ultimate guide to planning the perfect engagement party where the photo booth does all the heavy lifting for you.

By letting your photo booth be the star, you can create an unforgettable experience for your guests while making your planning load a whole lot lighter. 💍

Go With A Fun & Unique Theme

Finding that life partner is truly something to celebrate, so skip the low-key themes and go with one that ignites excitement! There are lots of themes to choose from, here are my top 5 trending ideas for you.

🌸 Garden Soiree: Go all out with a bohemian-style garden party. I can see it now, the string lights, pretty patterns, and oh look – it’s a Bridgerton cast member.

🕯️ Romantic Ambiance: Picture it… hundreds of white candles, your guests in all black or all white, and violins playing.

🍸 Cocktail Hour: Pick your favorite upscale bar and rent it out for the night. Ask them to create a signature cocktail and cater in your favorite yummy treats.

🥞 Boozy Brunch: If you are sticking with a girls only celebration, do brunch of course! Make it over the top, full of florals, and bring the boozy element to everything.

🌄 Classically Simple: Sometimes less really is more, especially when it’s sunset and you’re celebrating on a beach or in a beautiful backyard. Think minimalistic and timeless.

Make Your Engagement Party Photo Booth The Star

One of the best reasons to rent a photo booth for any event is this… the booth does all the work for you. Forget about trying to keep your guests engaged or mingling, the booth does it for you!

But here is the major party hack for your engagement party: either place your photo booth in the center of the room/venue, or have it close to the entrance. This will ensure it becomes the star of your event and not your fiance's ex who somehow got an invite.

The Details: Create Memorable Experiences With Customization

Parties are always taken from blah to memorable when the details are thoughtfully covered. When it comes to the happy couple, use them as the inspiration for every detail of the party combined with your epic theme.

Don’t forget about ordering customizable photo booth props, come up with fun interactive photo booth games, and find the perfect engagement photo booth backdrops.

Really wow each guest with custom borders for the prints and find a photo booth rental that offers custom overlays.

Why Hipstr for Your Engagement Party?

At Hipstr we’ve found ourselves in the middle of many engagement parties across the country. We love celebrating love in a fun and memorable way. So why do couples keep booking us for their engagement parties? I’m sure there are lots of reasons, but here are my top 3 reasons why I believe we’ve become the engagement party photo booth pros:

📸 We make set up a breeze: Available in just about every major city (and not so major cities) across the country we are pretty dang convenient to book. Our Hipstr teams do all the set up for you and we even give you a Hipstr Host to operate your photo booth during the party.

📸 Endless customization: With 6 totally unique photo booth packages to choose from, we have something for every couple. We also offer customization that other companies do not.

📸 Capture digital photo booth memories: With the ever-changing technology around us, we’ve adapted and grown our photo booth capabilities. From 360 photo booths to GIFS and custom overlays – we bring your digital dreams to life.

Parties Are Made During The Pre-Planning

Whether you go with Hipstr or another photo booth rental company for your engagement party, make sure you save yourself some stress and ask the important questions during the pre-planning.

I’ve seen these questions not asked before, so let me save you some stress and answer them for you here.

Q: What customization options are available for engagement party photo booths?
A: At Hipstr, we offer custom backdrops, print borders, and even offer custom photography packages.

Q: How can Hipstr’s photo booths make engagement parties more interactive and fun?
A: With our open-air photo booths guests get to engage with each other even from the sidelines. We also offer several photo booth packages so whether your crowd is more into the props or the cool new photo booth technology – there is something for everyone.

Q: What are the advantages of choosing Hipstr for capturing engagement party memories?
A: Let’s just say we’ve been to a party or two… or two thousand. We’ve been doing this for a long time so our delivery, execution, and prints are pretty top-notch. But most importantly… we’re just fun!

We couldn’t be happier for your engagement! Now it’s time to let loose and have some fun. So grab your best friends, put on your party dress, and strike a Beyoncé pose because it’s engagement party time! 💃

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