Frame the Fun: The Best Tampa Bachelorette Party Addition

June 17, 2024
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Bling bling, girl you got that ring! 💍Celebrating with your fiance is fun and all… but let’s be real, it’s way more fun to get the girls together and have an epic weekend celebration. 

Whether you are a Florida local or you’re land trapped in the middle of the country, Tampa is becoming a popular place to host the ultimate bachelorette party. This prime destination offers beautiful beaches for sunbathing, decked-out AirBnBs for recovering from hangovers, a night scene for unlimited fun, and restaurants even the pickiest of eaters will love. 

So whether you are the bride-to-be or the best friend, I’ve put together the ultimate Tampa bachelorette party guide. From unique party ideas to finding the hot Tampa nightlife scene to incorporating the best interactive entertainment – I’ve got you covered! 

Planning A Weekend The Boys Will Be Jealous Of 

Chances are the boys will enjoy a lovely steak dinner and that’s great for them. But wait until they hear about your girl’s weekend in Tampa. 

If you’re flying into this great city, it’s very easy to get to. The international airport is just minutes from downtown and the St. Pete Clearwater airport is a great budget-friendly flight option. Speaking of budget, decide on your all-in budget before you start planning. From here you can decide if you’d like to splurge for a beautiful hotel or find a fun house to rent for the weekend. 

When it comes to activities and special things to do, this city is not lacking. Here are my top ideas for you. 

💅A Spa Day: Every girl's dream is to be pampered, so why not make a day of it with facials, massages, and skin treatments?

🍷 A Wine-Tasting Day: Tampa’s wine scene is growing and the local wineries offer a variety of wines that are filled with girl-bonding fun.  

🛥️ A Boat Day: Just think of all the photos your Instagram feed will be filled with from a private boat ride or a boat tour. 

💃 An Evening Of Dance: Take a dance class or book a private coach to teach you salsa or hip-hop. A surefire way to laugh with all your friends and truly bond. 

Don’t forget to tailor the bachelorette party activities to the star of the show (the bride) and what her preferences are. 

The Perfect Pairing To Your Bachelorette Party: A Photo Booth

Now that you have your activities planned, don’t forget about the main event: the party! Set aside an evening during your bachelorette weekend to really shower the bride with love and unlimited fun. This could be at your hotel, a restaurant, or at a beautiful venue in downtown Tampa. 

But here’s the thing… no one wants to be on photo duty. All of the girls deserve to let loose and have fun, so don’t assign taking photos to just one person. Instead, get a photo booth rental that will capture unlimited memories for you. 

Logistics And Planning:

👗Have the girls all dress up in clothes that coordinate. Either pick a theme or buy those bachelorette party shirts you’ll never wear again. 

🌄Choose a fun backdrop or use the beautiful setting of Tampa as your backdrop.

📸Use Pinterest as your inspo and buy 3-5 unique props. 

Capturing the memories from your bachelorette party is essential, so get the photo booth!

Why Choose Hipstr for Your Bachelorette Party?

Our roots go deep in the Tampa party scene, so we’ve been a part of many bachelorette parties. Our photo booths are delivered straight to your location, fully set up, and are run by a super fun Hipstr Host to ensure you are stress-free during the party. 

Top benefits of adding a Hipstr photo booth to capture memorable moments at your bachelorette party:

💍 Q. What makes Hipstr photo booths a perfect addition to any Tampa bachelorette party?

A. Unless you are Kim K. herself, you’re probably only going to get married once. So capturing photos that are shareable and last a lifetime is a must. With all of our Hipstr packages, you get unlimited photo prints as well as digital keepsakes sent directly to you that are easy to post and share in the group chat.

💍 Q. How can party planners customize the photo booth experience to fit their Tampa party theme?

A. With over 6 different packages with various setups, we have a photo booth for every venue and theme. We also offer custom backdrop options and photo border overlays. 

💍 Q. What logistical considerations should be kept in mind when setting up a photo booth at Tampa venues?

A. It’s always recommended that you measure the space where the photo booth will be set up, that way you can book the photo booth that fits that particular space. We also strongly encourage creativity, so why not let your creativity run wild with a unique backdrop? 

If you are ready to snag the best addition to your bachelorette party, contact our team today to book a photo booth your girl friends will love. 

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