How Hipstr Photo Booths Work: FAQ

May 2, 2024
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How Hipstr Photo Booths Work: FAQs

Hey there, friends! Are you feeling lost or confused by all the camera flashes?
Don’t worry we’ve got you! If you’re ready to level up your photo booth game with Hipstr, we’re ready to give you the inside scoop. Our Hispter insider is here to walk you through everything you need to know about renting a photo booth with us. You’ll be a photo booth expert in no time, and you’ll feel that stress just melt away.

Soon the only question you’ll be asking is, “Does this pose make me look like fire or what?”

So, buckle up and join us as we answer all your questions and turn you into a fabulous photo booth pro.

Question #1: "Okay, so what really is included in my photo booth package?"

Within our six different experiences, we offer diverse packages all based on time, frills, and your budget. So each package comes with various elements. Once you book your package with us, you are sent an email with all this laid out for you. But we get it, you probably receive hundreds of emails a day. So if you did miss this first email, you can learn more about your super fabulous all-inclusive package by clicking the dancing Giraffe below.

Dancing Giraffes

Question #2: "Do I have to do this alone? Will there be someone to help me at the event?"

We would never leave you hanging. So, yes, we send a totally fun and totally pro attendant to your event. Our on-site super-star staff are called Hipstr Hosts. (I know, clever). These Hipstr Hosts are there to ensure your event goes seamlessly and gets started without a hitch. But of course, the most important thing they do onsite is get the party started by ensuring each of your guests is having the time of their lives. They are there to answer questions and yes, to even hold your purse when it just doesn’t work with your pose.

A man holding a purse

Question #3: "Can I customize the digital overlay and photo strip?"

We love creativity and fun just as much as you do. So yes, and yes! At our super fun Hisptr headquarters, we have an entire in-house design team who will take your idea (no matter how wild it is) and turn it into your photo dreams in the form of a digital overlay and photo strip printout. They are your personal creativity team, so challenge them, we dare you.

A custom photo booth strip

Question #4: "How many prints do we get for a large group?"

Remember back in the day when you had to pay per text message you sent to your friends… yeah that was awful. Let’s not go through that again. At Hipstr, no matter which package you choose from you get UNLIMITED PRINTING. No really, we mean like totally unlimited. No fine print needed here.
We’ll print as many copies of your Charle’s Angels pose as your heart desires! Yes, even when you have all your friends and his friends, and his friends, friends in the group there. We’ll ensure every one of your guests leaves with a photo or two!

A woman throwing photos in the air

Question #5: "Can I share this with my followers? Like, can we share images on our social media accounts?"

Ummm yes, that is a must. We would never ask you to keep those magical moments off social media. Just moments after your photo or video is taken onsite, you’ll have a digital version that you can do whatever you want with. So tag all your friends who bailed on you for the night so they see what they missed out on and text your 360 photo booth video to your mom and see if she knows how to play it.
If your photo booth was for a work event, you can even email it to all your co-workers so you have something to talk about at the next staff meeting.

Someone posting a photo booth image to TikTok

Question #6: "How do I get all my photos and videos after the event?"

When your event is complete, we’ll give you some time to recover. But we’ll love your photos and videos so much, that we’ll want to share them with you as soon as possible. So just two business days after your event, we’ll send you all the media that was taken. We like to package it all up and make it look absolutely stunning for you. Depending on which package and booth you choose, you can look forward to photos, videos, boomerangs, and other fun media clips from your event.
So look out for an email from us as that’s how we’ll be sending you your media link. Once you get that email, just click the link to be directed to your private online gallery. We’ll also include instructions on how to access your content. You can then easily share this gallery with all your friends, family, and your boss.

Someone downloading images from their photo booth rental

Question #7: "How do I reserve my date and ensure it doesn’t get fully booked?"

We’ve made this part easy for you as well. Once you confirm your booking, you’ll be sent another email with a link to a secure online portal. After you click this link, just submit your deposit and then you can reserve the date you want. When we do receive your deposit, that date you chose will be secure so no one else can snag it from you.
Then comes the fun part, we’ll start the planning, creative, and logistics part with you so your event goes off without a hitch.

A man dancing

Question #8: "So how do these photo booths even work?"

We’re so glad you want to nerd out with us. The mechanics behind our photo booths are pretty cool. Of course, we have your classic photo booths with props and backdrops and all that jazz. But, what makes Hipstr hip and cool is our futuristic photo booths.

Our Array photo booth cranks out stunning 3D gifs with quick snaps that then are pieced together. While our Mosaic experience literally weaves all the photos you take into a beautiful and totally unique wall mosaic. And for those wanting to crank up the wow factor and get totally immersed, our 360 Photo booth takes a complete 360 video around you in slow motion so every angle of your fabulous is captured.

Two women using a photo booth 360

If you still have more questions or just want to know what our favorite photo booth pose is, contact our team.

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