How To Plan A Dallas Party As Big As Texas With Hipstr

July 4, 2024
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If everything in Texas is bigger then shouldn’t the parties be too? We’re saying no to understated and a big howdy to epic larger-than-life party fun with the best venues for parties, expert party planning tips, and interactive photo booths that will have your guests saying yeehaw! 

Howdy, Wow! Dallas' Most Wow-Worthy Venues

An event space or restaurant is the backdrop for your party. Take the time to really consider your options and which one speaks to your theme or party purpose. We always like going for the more unique and wow-worthy options. 

  1. A Spark Of Something Special 

With over 11,000 square feet of creative space, a 6,000-foot gallery space, and slide Sculpture – Spark! Dallas is nothing short of epic! 

  1. ♣️ A Country Casino Night 

If you are looking for something to really wow your guests that they haven’t seen before, we suggest a Casino night party at The E Casino. 

  1. 👢 No Backyard Basics Here 

For a party full of unlimited fun, Backyard Dallas is your go-to space. With indoor/outdoor covered spaces, a full kitchen, 40+ beers on tap, and 44+ TVs – no guest will leave bored. 

Y'all Ready for This? Epic Party Planning Tips for A Big Bash Success!

Now that you have your jaw-dropping venue, it’s time to plan all the fun little details of the Texas-sized party. 

  1. 🌨️ Plan for Weather: Be conscious of the time of year it is… if it's during those 11 hot months of the year in Texas plan for an indoor party or rent a ton of large fans for your outdoor party. 
  2. 🌃 Consider day or night parties: Consider your venue and what time of day would suit the venue best. If you are going for an epic pool party of course go for a day party. But if the venue has gorgeous outdoor lighting or other features best suited for evening time, take advantage of what they have to offer. After all, that’s less decorating you have to do. 
  3. 🍷 Plan for the hangover: Make sure your guests feel like they can truly unwind at the party by choosing a day and time that allows for a rest day the following day. There is nothing worse than feeling like you can’t enjoy yourself because you have work the next day. 
  4. 🥙 Serve a variety of foods: Whether you are catering or using the kitchen at your venue, make sure you have enough variety in your food offerings to make everyone happy. From Vince the vegan, to Keto Kate, to Pete the picky-eater – serve food everyone will smile about. 
  5. 🎉 Go for custom party experiences: Look for ways you can enhance your party with Dallas event entertainment. Fire dancers, live music, and photo booths will take your party from great to amazing in a country second. 

Big D's Snapshot Showdown: Photo Booths That Pack a Texan Punch!

Pat yourself on the back, you are moments away from planning the Dallas party of your dreams. But we’re missing one final detail… you’ll want those memories to last forever, so you’ll need a great interactive photo booth. 

With Hipstr photo booths we wrangle up some good times with totally Texen-sized fun. 

  1. 🥳 Versatile: When it comes to event themes, our outdoor photo booths are as versatile as a cowboy's lasso. Whether you're throwing a western hoedown or a chic urban soirée, we've got backgrounds that'll fit your Texas-sized vision perfectly.
  2. 🪅 Interactive: But it's not just about looks—our photo booths are more interactive than a lively game of Texas Two-Step. With our open-air photo booths, guests don’t have to saddle up for some good old-fashioned Texas-themed fun. 
  3. ✅ Custom: Customize your photos with our Texas-themed borders, from the Dallas skyline to your company logo, we’ll ensure your photos are lined with perfection. These custom print borders add a personal touch that'll make your photos as unique as a cowboy's favorite pair of boots.
  4. 🤳 Social sharing: With our social media photo booth rentals each booth is equipped to let your guests share their snapshots faster than a rodeo rider on a bull. With a tap of their boot, guests can upload their photos straight to their social media feeds, tagging your event faster than a tornado in Tornado Alley.

So whether you're corralling guests at an outdoor wedding, wrangling up colleagues at a corporate bash, or throwing a Texas-sized birthday blowout, our photo booth rentals are the perfect way to capture memories as big and bold as the Lone Star State itself. Reach out to us today and let's make your next event a Texas-sized success!

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