How To Plan A Graduation Party: 5 Tips For Planning The Best Party

May 22, 2024
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Get your graduation Caps & Gowns ready, it’s graduation season! Whether you’re planning the ultimate grad party for your high school student or for your college student – we know you want it to be epic, right? Of course you do. 😎

In today’s post, I’ll be giving you 5 game-changing tips to ensure your graduation party is a showstopper. Most importantly, we want your grad to love their party.

From perfecting the details to booking a graduation party photo booth – I have the inside scoop for you.

1. Pick A Venue You Have Access To Before The Party

First and foremost on our pro tip list, really consider your venue. No matter your theme or budget, a graduation party requires a big set-up. There are lots of moving pisces and little elements that require time to set up properly. So ensure you have full access to the venue at least 2 hours before your event start time. Even better, see if you can set up the day or night before the party for zero stress.

2. Don’t Skimp On the Decorations  

We love grad parties just as much as we love New Years Eve parties. Simply for the fact that there are no limits. Put the year everyone, and on everything. From graduation cutouts, to a tassel garland, to floral garlands, and even to Harry Potter photo booth props – there is no such thing as too much.

A graduation is a moment in time you can’t get back, so yes, there will be a selfie taken at every moment possible. Embrace that with decorations at every turn. Buy the matching party tableware & Serveware and don’t forget about the graduation party favors!

3. Serve Food That’s Easy To Eat

A party that was made for interacting and mingling means no one will be sitting for long. So do your guests a favor and provide them with food that is easy to eat on the go.

In this department we recommend making it easy by getting food catered. Spend more money on the cake and make it personalized with a cheesy photo of the grad when they were young and ordering an impressive themed cake.

4. It’s All In The Details

A graduation party is so personal. It’s a celebration years in the making. So take the time to really put time and effort into every little detail.

Party Centerpieces that coordinate with your graduation party decorations are a great way to elevate your party’s wow factor. Also consider setting up a step and repeat for even more photo moments. Take that to another level with a DIY Photo Booth Frame that guests can hold up while taking photos.

5. Rent A Photo Booth For Endless Fun

I don’t want to say this is our best tip… but yeah… get yourself a graduation photo booth.
We love this tip because there are so many great graduation photo booth ideas floating around on the internet. You can go simple with a standard backdrop, printed photo booth backdrops, or let your creativity run wild with a DIY backdrop.

Create an amazing 2024 DIY graduation photo booth frame using materials from the local dollar store. Or if you really don’t want to worry about all the DIY elements, order a graduation party photo booth kit. They come with everything you need, just add the photo booth.

Photo booths create those fun, candid moments that your guests will remember forever. At Hipstr we offer set ups that fit any venue and packages that fit all budgets.

Say goodbye high school, hello college with a party everyone will enjoy. With so many graduation parties happening all at once, find ways to make your party standout. Think unique, think bold, and think fun!

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