How To Plan The Ultimate Summer Bash: Summertime Party Ideas

June 7, 2024
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Lemonade stands, afternoons spent poolside, and bottomless mimosas for brunch – summertime couldn’t be more fun! So whether you are planning your sister's big birthday bash, a graduation party, or a summer hang “just because”, you’ll want to steer clear of anything bland.

As the leaders of fun, we at Hipstr have been a part of outdoor parties for years. Of course, an outdoor photo booth is in your future, but we’ll get to that later. For now, I want to share with you some great summertime party ideas and show you how to throw a summer bash your neighbors will be jealous of.

outdoor summer party

Get Inspired With A Super Fun Summer Theme 😎

We all know summer means lots of outdoor time, so capitalize on the beautiful setting of nature and let your outdoors be your backdrop. Outdoor party themes are a dime a dozen, so get creative when picking yours. Sure, you can go with the tried and true beach parties, BBQ parties, and garden parties, but why not be unique and go uber-specific?

Think about the last memorable party you went to… chances are the theme was one very fun thing that was incorporated into every element. I love a good Tutti Frutti party, Ice Cream party, and color-themed party. By selecting a very specific theme your guests will get really into it and your decorations can be limitless and full of creativity.

So here is your permission to be bold, daring, and totally off the wall with your summer theme.

summer cocktail

Get Boozy With Fun Cocktails 🍸

Now that your wheels are turning with tons of ideas for a theme, let's talk about the obvious next step: creating summer party cocktails for your bash. Summer really has no rules, so yes girl, serve mimosas at your 11 am summertime party.

But here is where you should take it a step further with your theme. Come up with 2-3 super easy to make, but super colorful cocktails you can serve your guests. Let’s say your theme is ice cream… how good would sorbet mimosas be? Psst, they are amazing, I’ve had them and they’ll be the hit of your summer bash, trust me.

Get Creative With Fun Finger Food 🌭

There is nothing worse than wanting to eat food at a party because you are starving and you hesitate to eat because it’s hard to stand and eat. Whether chairs are sparse or you just want your guests to mingle, plan on serving finger foods that are super easy to hold but very filling.

But of course, stick with your theme and come up with finger foods that fit your theme.  

pool party

Go Wild With Fun Interactive Games 🥳

It doesn’t matter if it’s a kids party or an adult party – the people have spoken and they want games!

Interactive party games are actually easier to plan and set up than you think, and they are loads of fun. Even if it’s just a squirt gun fight (adults vs. kids obviously) it makes for a lot of laughs.

The easiest way to come up with ideas is to think about your theme and what you can use that you already have. Going with a Watermelon theme? Why not have a watermelon eating contest or a watermelon slam contest?

Get Organized With A Fun Party Flow 🎉

Seasonal party decorations and themed decorations can actually determine the flow of your party. Utilize them to direct guests to where you want them to be and where the fun is happening. Some people might not be familiar with your house/backyard, so create themed signs to show them where everything is.

My pro tip is to even create a party order of events sign so your guests know when certain events will take place such as games and dessert.

Obviously, you’ll want to create a big ol’ theme sign pointing everyone to the photo booth.

outdoor photo booth

Enhance Your Summertime Parties with Hipstr's Photo Booths 📸

Gone are the days of just talking about the ‘good ol’ days’. We are living in an exciting time where we can capture the memories as they are happening.

Having a photo booth at your summertime party will ensure every candid and silly moment is captured.

At Hipstr, we have a variety of photo booth packages perfect for outdoor settings. With an open-air photo booth or even a 360 photo booth, your guests get to use the great outdoors as their backdrop.

Let me show you what I mean…

Q. How can Hipstr's photo booths be customized for different summer party themes?
A. You know I’m all about utilizing the heck out of your theme. With Hipstr photo booths you can actually get your theme incorporated into your prints or your backdrop.

Q. What are the best practices for incorporating a photo booth into an outdoor summertime event?  
A. Let the photo booth do the work for you. Find a great spot outside for the photo booth, but don’t get so hung up on finding the ‘perfect’ spot. Photo booths are so nostalgic that people will flock to the photo booth.

Q. How can photo booths enhance the guest experience at summer parties?
A. Have you ever gone to a party and just sat awkwardly waiting for someone to approach you? Yeah, that doesn’t happen when there is a photo booth. Photo booths just exude fun, so as long as your guests know where the photo booth is, they will gravitate toward it. Standing in line for a photo booth is also a great way for guests to mingle without the added pressure of going up to someone.

Yes, it’s a win-win-win!

So dress up in your best theme-specific summer dress, sip on that colorful cocktail, and enjoy your summer bash. You deserve it girl!  💃

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