Incorporate These 10 Unique Props into Your Photo Booth Experience

May 21, 2024
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No matter your age, there is just something about seeing a photo booth full of props that you just can’t resist. When a classic photo booth is fully stocked with props, it is nearly impossible not to have fun. So whether you are creating a diy photo booth, renting a photo booth, or helping your sister plan her wedding – don’t forget about the props! I mean, why not have some wedding photo booth props?

There is so much you can do to add pizzazz and sparkle to your photo booth experience. Creating a personalized photo booth backdrop with a custom logo or image is a great way to give your guests that wow factor. But to truly get your guests engaged and having the most fun possible, we recommend going heavy on the props. But don’t get overwhelmed, there are so many ways you can easily create or source your props.

If you’re looking for some cool party photo booth props and signs, you’re in the right place. I’m Hayley, and today I’m going to share with you my top 10 best photo booth prop ideas. Of course, picking props does depend on the vibe you are going for with your event, but these ideas will get you started.

People using props in a photo booth

1. Chalkboards

Yes, school is back in session, and chalkboards are making a comeback. Let your attendees do the talking with a chalkboard speech bubble and some chalk. Give them the freedom to write what they want and give them multiple chalk colors to choose from. This adds a personalized and creative approach to your photo booth.

2. Cardboard Frames

Make oversized cardboard frames people can hold up in their photos. To make your own picture frame, just cut out what looks like the border of a Polaroid and have partygoers take a fun "framed" selfie. If you are hosting a branded event or want to take your themed party up a notch, why not incorporate that theme on the edge of the frame?

3. Prop Cutouts

Are you organizing a birthday party, high school reunion, or wedding? Whatever the theme of your event, you can create paper cutouts of just about anything. Are you throwing an off-the-wall 80’s party? Great, get some oversized cat head cutouts or funky wig cutouts. What about an after-party for your favorite band? Make some fun instrument props. Glittery paper cutouts of musical instruments ensure that everyone in attendance is ‘with the band’.

4. Confetti Bowls

Looking for something that goes with your wedding décor? The simplest and quickest way to make your photo booth fun is to add bowls of colorful confetti at the entrance. Pick confetti that is at least two colors or more to add that splash of Kesha we all want to see with confetti. Just remember that if your photo booth is outside, you can order biodegradable confetti.

5. Hats & Masks

A very easy and cost-effective prop that needs no DIY love is hats. Cowboy hats, festive hats, Christmas hats, top hats, and any hat you can think of – can all be found on Amazon or at the dollar store. Masks are also a great way to add flare to your booth. Either DIY some yourself or buy some that fit your theme.

6. Thought Bubbles

Thought bubbles are always fun! You can buy some templates that come with pre-printed phrases on them. Or you can buy the thought bubbles and write the phrases in yourself. They even offer dry-erase speech bubbles so you can have your guests get creative.

7. Hashtag Signs

When you have an event made for the ‘gram, you’re going to want a few hashtags. Hashtag signs can be fun photo props with the hashtag on them, you can order a custom hashtag sign, or you can buy a stencil hashtag.

People in a photo booth with a hashtag prop sign

8. Ties & Bowties

If you need some college party ideas for your photo booth – ties and bowties are great choices. I even recommend buying the outrageously large ones to create that comedic moment in each photo.

9. Sunglasses

Speaking of outrageous, sunglasses come in so many colors, styles, and shapes! Why not buy an assortment of 15-20 and have them ready for your guests in a large basket? Pair your hipster mustache with vintage heart sunglasses for an adorable Valentine's photo booth.

10. Themed Props

Whether it’s a safari-themed party or a mermaid sea theme – take the props up a notch! Think about your theme and what added props would be a huge hit. Think unique. Large phones with the long curling cords are always fun. So are feather boas, themed pillows, scarves, stuffed animals, and so much more. Remember, to get creative with it.

People using props in a photo booth

Props Made Easy!

With so many props to be had, why take a selfie when your guests can enjoy a night in the photo booth? Either find your props from the dollar store, online, or make colorful DIY photo booth props easily! Get lost on Pinterest and find props that speak to you. My recommendation is to choose 2-6 category props from the list above and then have 8-10 of each. This will ensure your guests have lots of options and no two photos look the same.

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