Selfie Stations 101: The Ultimate Event Snapshot

June 5, 2024
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Pics or it didn't happen, amiright?! ūüďł For today's social media-obsessed squads, a selfie station is basically the VIP pass to an epic event. Because let's be real, what's an amazing party without a selfie moment to capture memories and make all your friends jealous? A sleek selfie station area is the ultimate photo-op that will have your guests feeling like celebrities and your event going viral.

What Is A Selfie Station?

A selfie station is a souped-up, smart photo booth rental specifically designed for capturing selfies ‚ÄĒ whether you're flying solo, with your squad, or using fun digital props like flower crowns or celeb face filters.

These aren't your typical old-school photo booths. The best selfie stations use professional lighting setups with ring lights, high-quality DSLR cameras, and editing tools to ensure you and your crew look flawless and filter-ready in every snap. Many selfie station rentals also offer fun video modes like slo-mo, GIFS, or boomerang options to capture fierce poses on a whole other level.

Example of a selfie station done for La Croix

What's The Difference Between A Selfie Station And A Regular Photo Booth? 

Photo booths are usually enclosed private stalls for taking quick group shots. Selfie stations are wide open spaces ‚ÄĒ selfie central if you will ‚ÄĒ¬† allowing you to move around, switch poses, fix your hair, etc. They also put you in control with tablet interfaces to snap selfies exactly how you want.

And while old-school photo booths simply print out pic strips, today's premium selfie stations prioritize easy social sharing. Your fire selfie shots get instantly uploaded to a hosted online reel or website for hyping up on the ‚Äėgram, TikTok, or wherever your feeds are!

La Croix branded selfie station

So What Makes An A+ Selfie Station? 

So what exactly makes for an A+ selfie station experience? One that will have your guests impressed from the minute they step into the selfie haven until they're snapping their final glam pic? Here's what to look for:

‚ú®Premium Lighting Setup: Soft, filtered ring lights and perfectly diffused flashes to illuminate and amplify your best angles without washing you out.

ūüí•Versatile Backdrop Scenes: From solid colors to patterns or cool digital animations, selfie stations let you switch up the backdrop vibe.

ūüé•Video Capture Modes: In addition to stills, look for boomerang, GIFs, slo-mo, or even full video recording capabilities.

ūüé≠Fun Overlays & AR Props: Customizable graphics, IRL props, and even augmented reality face filters/accessories to level up your selfie game.

ūüď≤Instant Social Sharing: Apps that instantly upload and share your selfie straight to Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, or a hosted reel.

ūü§ĶProp & Styling Assistance: An on-site staff member is key for quick touch-ups, backdrop changes, and prop adjustments between selfie sessions.

Bring An Iconic Selfie Experience To Your Next Event

When it comes to unforgettable selfie station rentals from Los Angeles to New York City, Hipstr has you covered with their premium customizable packages. Their sleek photo booth setups can be transformed into insane branded selfie experiences with:

  • High-powered ring light rigs for perfect lighting
  • Customized digital/AR branded backdrop scenes
  • Latest video recording tech like slo-mo, GIFs, and boomerangs
  • Real-time social sharing to give guests instant content
  • Fun prop options from digital overlays to IRL accessories
  • And so much more to amp up the selfie fever!

Just picture it ‚ÄĒ an entire ultra-glam selfie playground for you and your guests to pose, snap, and go viral across every single platform.¬†

Whether you need a major selfie moment for a corporate event, social media activation, or just the raddest wedding selfie station ever, Hipstr can make it happen in style. 

So get ready to treat yourself to a whole new profile pic refresh, because this selfie station craze is just getting started. Book now to secure your selfie game!

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