Snap, Share, Sparkle: Elevate Your Dallas New Year's Bash with Hipstr Photo Booths

July 2, 2024
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From flashy decorations to larger-than-life fireworks to venues that will knock your cowboy boots off – everyone is trying to one-up each other when it comes to Dallas NYE parties. 

But lucky for you, you read the ultimate event insider blog; Hipstr, so you’ve got the upper hand. Today we’ll be unveiling the secret addition to your party that will have your guests toasting way before midnight: a Hipstr photo booth. 

Cheers To Interactive Entertainment 

Sure there are many options when it comes to a New Year's Eve photo booth rental, but basic and boring is so 2008. 

So we are saying out with the old and in with photo booths straight from the future. 

  1. Open-air & 360 Booths 

With 6 unique and totally different Hipstr photo booth packages to choose from, we just might out-rank your cocktail list. Our queen bee open-air package, the Array provides a space for all your guests to mingle and gather around during the camera flashes. While our king stud platform booth, the 360 booth spins around you.

  1. 📸GIFS, Boomerangs, & Slow-Motion 

If a photo says a 1000 words then a GIF tells a mini-story, a boomerang tells a mini-series, and a slow-motion video tells an Oscar-winning movie. Our photo booths are anything but boring and capture everyone's unique story. 

  1. 🙋Dedicated Hipstr Host

Our fun and personal Hipstr Hosts stay onsite during your event to ensure even the shyest wallflower has their moment in the booth that they’ll remember forever. 

A Toast To Custom Photo Experiences

Sure we could give you a menu and you could order the chicken, but what if you told us what you liked to eat and we made a completely curated 7-course meal for you? Yeah, our custom photo booth packages and experiences are like that meal. 

Just tell us what you like, who your guests are, the purpose of your event, and we’ll curate the fun. 

  1. 😎Tailored Booths For Every Theme

Once we help you figure out which package or booth type is right for your party, the fun only begins. We offer photo booth wraps, custom backdrop options, and photo overlays. So your theme can be carried into the booth in every way possible. 

  1. 🔔Ring It In With Social Media Engagement

Sure you can boost social media engagement with instantly shareable content, but we’ve also thrown in social media metrics tracking to ensure your boss is happy. 

  1. 🎁Memorable Keepsakes Worth Kissing

Figuring out a take-home gift for a party is such a drag… that’s why we offer unlimited prints and custom overlays to your guests' photos to become cherished take-home gifts they’ll never lose. 

Upgrade Your New Year's Eve Celebrations With Hipstr Tech

A new year brings hope, new beginnings, excitement, and a promise of more powerful technology. So make sure you go with event photo booths that bring the wow! 

  1. 📸Picture-Perfect High-Resolution Images

With the latest and greatest tech available, all of our photo booths might be just as hip as the smartphone in your hand. Like our Array 3D photo booth package that utilizes 11 cameras, that stitch together gifs.

  1. 🌟A Show-Stopping Photo & Video Experience

Your guests can unleash their imagination and capture moments like never before with our state-of-the-art photo booths. Some create stunning images, others GIFS and boomerangs and still others create mesmerizing videos. 

  1. 🥂Cheers To Downloading Happiness In The New Year!

Delivered in both physical and digital formats, your guests can enjoy their photos instantly and share them with family and friends through text, email, and on all their social channels. 

Whether you choose to watch the Fireworks from Reunion Tower, or dance the night away at The Statler Dallas Hotel, make sure you enhance the atmosphere of your New Year’s Eve party with a photo booth that stuns and wows every guest. Our photo booths are meant to keep your fun alive long after the event has ended.

With a Hipstr photo rental, you’ll be counting down to a pixel-perfect New Year's bash!

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