Spring Showers: Elevate Your Baby Shower with Hipstr’s Interactive Photo Booths!

June 6, 2024
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Spring has sprung which can only mean one thing… babies are coming! It seems everywhere you turn you see that congratulations are in order in the group chat for all your mom friends. It’s an exciting time, one filled with baby showers and gender reveal parties.

These new babies are about to come into a world where the love for them can be photographed and held onto forever. So whether you are planning the shower or your sister is, don’t forget about the photo booth!

I’m Hayley and as a mother of 2, I’ve planned my fair share of parties. So let me walk you through the ease of Hipster photo booth rentals and share with you some tips to get the most out of your photo booth experience.  

Oh Baby It’s A Hipstr Baby Shower 🍼

At Hipstr we love babies and celebrating them. We are the lucky ones who get to capture the memories in super fun ways. A lot of people don’t know this, but we actually offer 6 totally, and completely different and unique photo booth packages. From a classic traditional photo booth to an interactive photo booth to a 360 photo booth, all the way up to a mosaic wall feature – we are your baby shower photo booth pros.

Just like baby names are getting a modern twist, we’re also keeping up with the times with technology that will blow your mind. Your guests can enjoy photo booths that offer GIFS, boomerangs, and slow-motion videos. While you as the host of the party get to enjoy an easy-peasy setup.

We even offer mini photo booths that can fit into tight spaces for that instant photo booth experience without the large-scale setup.

So while yes, choosing a baby name might be challenging – finding the perfect photo booth company won’t be.

Customizing Your Photo Booth Experience 🥳

Everyone loves a good theme, so why not carry that theme into the setup of your photo booth? There are tons of options for customizable photo booth backdrops floating out there in the world of the internet, so don’t forget to snag one for your shower.

Don’t forget about the baby shower props! Thematic props and decorations tailored for baby showers can take your photo booth from “cool” to “WOW” very quickly. If you’re struggling to pick a good theme or need some planning inspiration I’ve got just the list for you here.

With Hipstr photo booths you can sprinkle your theme into several different elements with our customization offerings. You can even kill two birds with one stone by having a custom-printed border on your photos which acts as a great party favor. You're welcome.

While You Can Be Active, Make It Interactive 🤰🏻

While your mama-to-be can still move around (for the most part) make your photo booth interactive with elements that make for memorable moments.

Physical props add a super fun and interactive feature that gets even the shyest of guests participating. There are prop packages for just about every theme (or non-themed) baby shower out there. Find one that includes at least 10 props for variety.

Also, consider purchasing a chalkboard so your guests can write personal messages to hold up during their photo booth session.

Get All Your Questions Answered Beforehand ❓

When you are choosing a photo booth rental company for your shower, ensure you do your research and get all your questions answered. To make your life easier here are the top FAQs we get from clients planning a shower.

Q: What makes Hipstr’s photo booths a great choice for baby showers?
A: Variety of offerings and experiences. Anyone can rent out a photo booth, but at Hipstr we rent out fun. Each of our packages includes unique elements that you can’t find with traditional photo booth rentals.

Q: How can clients customize their photo booth experience?
A: Oh let us count the ways… you can customize your photo booth experience in many ways. From custom border prints, overlays, custom GIFs, custom setups, and even custom photo packages – the possibilities are endless. If you can’t find a package that checks all of your unique needs, just contact us for a custom quote.

Q: What are some unique interactive elements that Hipstr offers for baby showers?
A: With most of our packages you can choose your own backdrop which makes for a custom baby shower experience. We also have open-air photo booths which mama’s of all ages love as it allows for a very airy and transparent party.

Q: How does the setup process work for a Hipstr photo booth?
A: Setting up an event is always so stressful, so at Hipstr we make our part of the party, easy peasy for you. Our team comes and sets up the photo booth for you and we even provide a Hipstr Host to keep your photo booth running smoothly the entire party.

Your Mama-to-be will thank you! 🙏

We’ve rented out photo booths for just about any occasion you can think of. Photo booths for baby showers are becoming a very popular trend. Your mama-to-be will love the photo booth you bring to life on her special day, and even better – she’ll love all the photos she gets to cherish from the day.

Sydney B. had this to say about renting a Hipstr photo booth, “The team was so amazing from start to finish. We remained in communication throughout the design process right up until the day of our event. Everyone was so kind and I would definitely book again for future events.”

Book your photo booth for your upcoming baby shower now!

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