Summer Office Fun: 11 Creative Company Party Ideas

June 7, 2024
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Tired of the same old company parties that feel more like mandatory meetings than celebrations? Yeah, we've all been there — forcing smiles at the sub-par catering and awkward small talk. This summer, it's time to breathe new life into your corporate events! Whether you're aiming for team building, employee appreciation, or just an excuse to pet all the dogs at a puppy party (yes, you read that right!), Hipstr has the insanely creative photo booth ideas to transform any ordinary office party into an amazingly fun experience.

From themed activations that tap into music, sports, and culinary interests to outdoor adventures that let out your coworkers' wild sides, we're rounding up 11 work party concepts that are anything but boring. And just wait until you see how Hipstr's phenomenal photo ops level them up into truly epic celebrations! Let's get this summer office party season started.

1. Picnic Palooza

Take the corporate "fun" outdoors with a playful picnic party! You can go classic Americana with gingham blankets and lawn games or put a whimsical spin on it with life-size pingpong tables and hammock hangouts. Add a vibrant, branded flower backdrop from Hipstr to capture those sunshiny, in-the-moment memories.

2. Taco (or Really Any Food) Truck Rally 

Because what office doesn't run on cravings for loaded nachos and gourmet food trucks? Turn your parking lot into a full-on driveway delicacy with a rotating roster of savory and sweet mobile kitchens paired with live music, cornhole tournaments, and a GIF booth capturing all the indulgent snacking and scoring. 

Two ladies taking a photo with a puppy dressed in a costume

3. Puppy Pawty 

Is there anything more guaranteed to boost morale and bring coworkers together than some quality puppy playtime? Book an afternoon at a dog cafe or partner with a local shelter for on-site adoption meet-and-greets. Hipstr's slow-motion 360 videos will let you savor all those puppy kisses on repeat.

4. Pizza & Pints Brewfest

Give the corporate happy hour a serious upgrade with a sampling of local craft beers and a blind pizza taste test competition. Stomachs and cheers will be full as Hipstr captures hilarious pints-in-hand video reactions with each cheesy bite reveal.

5. “The Office” Olympics 

Feeling inspired by Jim Halpert's iconic Office Olympic game episode? Host your own rematch of those wacky competitive events like a ring toss, cookie face stuffing races, or moving candy from one plate to another using only a straw. To fully channel that iconic Office spirit, let Hipstr create custom Dunder Mifflin backdrops and props like oversized Olympic torches made of desktop supplies. 

6. Old School Video Game Truck 

Tap into some serious nostalgia by booking an old-school video game truck packed with classic arcade games and consoles. Crank up the 80s/90s playlist, have an N64 GoldenEye tournament, and don't forget the Hipstr photo booth capturing all the joystick jubilation with branded childhood character props!

7. Carnival Spectacular 

Rediscover your inner childhood delight at a corporate circus party! From sideshow games and fried food trucks to fire performers and strolling entertainers, this whimsical wonderland is a recipe for uncontainable joy. Hipstr's green screens can impose endless virtual backgrounds like trapeze artists soaring over the big top.

8. Amazing Race-Style Challenge 

Encourage some friendly team competition with an amazing race-inspired scavenger hunt full of mental and physical challenge checkpoints across the city. Squads will have to tackle trivia, obstacle courses, taste tests, and more while Hipstr photographers are posted at each pitstop to capture celebratory dances and playful trash-talking!

9. Glitz & Glam Awards Gala 

Time to roll out the red carpet and let employees bask in the spotlight! This Hollywood awards show theme could honor team members' achievements through playful categoryorical awards like "Biggest Drama Queen," "Work Bestie," or "Took The Longest Lunch." A Hipstr step-and-repeat backdrop and award podium setups channel those iconic Oscars looks.

10. Music Festival Fridays 

Why should Coachella and Lollapalooza have all the fun? Throw your own office music festival complete with a main stage for live band performances, pop-up food trucks, and a chill VIP lounge area. You could even book small-scale festival activations like temporary tattoos, hair braiding, and a photo booth that snaps dreamy shots of guests jamming out!

11. Tropic Like It's Hot Beach Bash 

Embrace those summertime island vibes by turning your venue into an exotic beach paradise! Think tiki-inspired decor, servers in Hawaiian shirts passing coconut shrimp appetizers, steel drum bands, and tropical cocktails galore. To really immerse guests, create breathtaking experiences like a Hipstr beach-themed green screen and an underwater-inspired GIF booth where they can pretend to swim with dolphins! Add shells, starfish, and seashell leis as photo props for peak tropical fun.

The real star of any work party show, though? Hipstr's ability to keep that fun momentum going all day or night long with endlessly engaging photo booth activations and content:

  • Boomerang Snaps: Capture those priceless microsecond moments on loop like Shelly shotgunning a Bud Light Lime or Fred failing epically at the slip 'n slide.
  • Branded Venue Masking: The sky's the limit when it comes to customizing your photo booth surroundings to match the party's aesthetic and transport folks to a surreal experience.
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt: Guests have to scramble around different zones/activities completing fun prompts and photo challenges for epic prizes.
  • Giphy Kiosks: Record silly video clips that populate a make-your-own branded Giphy wall guests can instantly share to Slack channels, group chats, and more!
  • Custom Overlays: Design a silly custom overlay that shows your team's spirit and branding to rack up shares with every use.

So what are you waiting for? This summer is heating up fast and Hipstr's standing by to ensure your corporate events go seriously viral in all the best ways. Whether you need inspiration, full-service planning, or just insane photo activations to complement your own wild themes, our team's ready to bring unforgettable fun. Hit that book now button, and let's get this summer office party season started off right!

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