Tampa Wedding Wonders: Top Venues For Every Wedding Style

June 19, 2024
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If your Google search bar is constantly filled with the words ‘Tampa wedding venues’ and you’ve still not found what you’re looking for – I got you! While Tampa is a fabulous place to get hitched, the wedding venue list is longer than your wedding to-do list. So today I’ve gathered my top recommendations based on your unique preference. 

So jump aboard the Tampa wedding planning train and get ready to say ‘I do’ to our top picks. Plus, I have a bonus top pick for you, the perfect interactive wedding entertainment: photo booths! 

From 'I do' to 'I did it!' – let's conquer this wedding planning together. 

Ballin’ On A Budget

If you’re looking for custom wedding experiences that feel elevated without the high price tag, you actually have more options than you think. 

  1. Tampa Airport Marriott 🌄

If you’re looking to stay close to downtown Tampa without paying an arm and a leg for it – Tampa Airport Marriott delivers. This stunning property was made for sunset weddings with its rooftop pool and outdoor space ideal for weddings and receptions. 

  1. Island Way Grill 🏝️

Want to get married on the water but don’t want to deal with the sandy mess? Island Way Grill is located in beautiful Clearwater, right on the water. With a view to die for from their outdoor ceremony and reception space, your guests can wear their high heels without falling into the sand. Plus, their transparent pricing makes it super easy to determine if they fit your budget or not. 

  1. Sachett Ranch 🤠

If DIY and cowboy boots are more your style, you’ll love the charming feel of Sachett Ranch. 

With both indoor and outdoor options, you can truly bring your happily-ever-after rustic dreams to life here. 

My pro tip is to look for venues that offer all-inclusive packages. This will save you loads of money when you can just pay one price for everything. 

Luxury All The Way Baby

If glam is your style and you have a hard time saying no to more, more, and more – Tampa is a star in this category. 

  1. Tampa Museum Of Art 🎭

Why choose just one stunning feature when you can have it all? Tampa Museum Of Art boasts a beautiful backdrop of stunning art, a terrace, ocean views, a river walk, and more!  

  1. Sandpearl Resort ⛵

Just one word needed… resort! Sandpearl Resort is the getaway destination of your wedding (and honeymoon) dreams. The curated food will have your guests saying ‘wow’ and the picturesque settings will have your future mother-in-law applauding. 

  1. Powel Crosley Estate ✈️

If you dream of a romantic Mediterranean wedding, let me save you the plane ticket. Powel Corsley Estate’s turn-of-the-century charm and historic property will stun you. Your wedding photos will make all your girlfriends jealous for years to come. 

My pro tip is to determine your top three priorities when looking at luxe wedding venues. With so much to offer, don’t get overwhelmed. 

Not Your Average Wedding Venue

Looking for the unicorn of wedding venues? We love that for you! You’re unique, so lead with it. 

  1. Sunken Gardens 🌸

You can’t be more unique and different than being surrounded by 50,000 tropical plants when you say ‘I do’. Sunken Gardens is St. Petersburg’s oldest living museum, so yeah… your wedding photos are going to be magical. 

  1. SoireEstate 🐴

What if Lamas or a horse were part of your wedding photos? I know wild! At SoireEstate, this and so much more is possible. This hidden sanctuary is located just outside of Tampa and can accommodate up to 300 guests. 

  1. Fenway Hotel, Autograph Collection 💒

Love is in the air… or wait it’s just all this space! Fenway Hotel boasts spacious grounds where you can say your vows on the front lawn, enjoy the reception in the Caladesi Ballroom, get some air on the terrace, and unwind upstairs on the Hi-Fi Rooftop Bar. 

The Perfect Match For Every Bride: Unique Wedding Photo Booths

We’ve just covered wedding venues all over Tampa and beyond, so hiring entertainment can be challenging. But don’t worry, at Hipstr we cover this entire territory so we’ll get that photo booth to whichever venue you go with.  

We also have more than one photo booth option, so yes – we have one that matches your wedding style. So if you are wondering what makes Hipstr photo booths a must-have at your Tampa wedding? We offer variety, fun, and customization. 

💸Budget-Friendly Photo Booth: Array 

✨Luxe Glam Photo Booth: Halo

🦄Unique Photo Booth: 360

We hope you find the venue that you love just as much as that ring on your hand. And don’t worry about the entertainment, we’ve got that covered. Contact our team today to learn more about our interactive photo booth options. 

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