Tampa's Hottest Halloween Party Add-On: Spooky Hipstr Photo Booths

June 18, 2024
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Tampa knows how to do Halloween right! From haunting pub crawls in Ybor City to wild costume parties on the Riverwalk, this city brings all the witchy vibes every October 31st. But you know what's true nightmare fuel? A lame Halloween bash with no picture-worthy moments. 

That's where your pals at Hipstr come in! We're Tampa's premier photo booth experts, and we can turn any Halloween event into an epic monster mash with our fully customizable, hauntingly hip photo setups.

Why Book a Hipstr Booth for Your Tampa Halloween Bash?

For starters, our tricked-out photo booths are a beast when it comes to getting your guests engaged and interacting. They'll be cackling over the silly props, going batty posing with their BFFs, and broadcasting their fire fits all over the 'gram. It's a spooky good time for all.

But Hipstr isn't just any basic photo booth rental. We go full scream queen with our Halloween customizations:

  • Backdrops that would give Tim Burton chills (think cobwebby dungeons, misty graveyards, and pumpkin-lined paths to hair-raising effect) ūüēłÔłŹ
  • Freaky props like vampire fangs, zombie masks, and pitchforks to really get into character ūü¶á
  • Devilishly delightful photo filters and animations that'll have you looking...supernaturally fly ūüĎĻ

From Kid-Friendly Frights to Adults-Only Affrights

Our custom Halloween setups work for all types of events in the Tampa area. Having a family-friendly monster mash? We'll make sure the spook factor is just campy enough for the little goblins. (cue adorable shots of kids in their costumes) Throwing a more...demonic rager for grown-up boos? Our horror-inspired scenes and props will leave your coven screaming...with laughter, of course. 

We've even executed some iconic Halloween experiences like...Your boo crew is sure to go batty over Hipstr's ability to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Share Your Haunts (Before the Hangover Hits)

Don't let those wickedly good costume selfies just rot away in your camera roll! Hipstr's booths feature tech that lets guests instantly share their spooktastic shots straight to socials, so you can haunt your followers' feeds while the night is still young.

It's the perfect way to give your event a major FOMO factor...and drum up hype for next year's hair-raiser. Because you already know you're going to want to book Hipstr again!

This Halloween Season, Book Early for the Best Boo-th

With Tampa's party agenda being more lit than a raging bonfire every October, you'd better act fast to snag your Hipstr setup. Our bookings fill up faster than a kid's pillowcase on trick-or-treat night!

Drop us a line today to lock in your epic Halloween experience, whether it's a wicked workplace party or just a rager with your coven. Let's summon some seriously spine-chilling fun this All Hallows' Eve! Mwahahaha! ūüĎĽūüē∑ÔłŹ

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