The Magic Behind Glam Photo Booths & Filters

May 2, 2024
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Ready to bring some serious glitz and glam to your next event? A black and white glam photo booth is the answer. This modern photography sensation is taking the event scene by storm and for good reason. Imagine your guests striking their most fabulous poses against a sleek backdrop, drenched in studio-quality lightning, and rendered in an effortlessly flattering black-and-white filter. It’s like stepping onto the set of an old Hollywood movie or gracing the cover of Vogue!

The Glamorous Evolution

Glam booths first got their claim to fame back in 2013, thanks to none other than the trendsetting Kardashians. The black and white booth at their legendary Christmas Eve party sparked a frenzy, making glam booths a must-have for any A-list event. Since then, they’ve continued to reign supreme, adding a touch of elegance and “Instagrammable” appeal to every occasion. 

What is A Glam Photo Booth?

Glam photo booths are more than just a place to snap a few pictures — they’re a full-on trip to old Hollywood and high-fashion glamour. With its traditionally black-and-white aesthetic, skin-smoothing refinement, and studio-quality lighting, these booths elevate every photo into a bona fide magazine-worthy shot. 

What Is The Difference Between A Glam Booth And A Photo Booth?

There are tons of options when it comes to choosing a photo booth, but what sets a glam photo booth apart is its beautifying black-and-white filter. If you go the glam booth route, your guests will be sure to look their best in every photo — an instant winner when sharing on social media. This makes glam booths one of our most popular choices for customers’ weddings. After all, the photos will flawlessly match your wedding aesthetic and be the perfect post to tag with your wedding hashtag. 

Bride and groom with a glam filter

Why Your Guests Will Be Obsessed

With its undeniable cool factor and ultra-flattering effects, a glam black and white photo booth will keep your guests entertained for hours. Here’s why they’re the ultimate event crowd-pleaser:

The Beauty in Black and White

There’s just something so timeless about black-and-white photography, isn’t there? Glam booths tap into that vintage vibe while still feeling fresh and modern, ensuring your pictures will look good in frames and on social media for many years to come. Your guests will be lining up to channel their inner Audrey Hepburn or Kim Kardashian!

Filters That Bring Out Your Best Self

Let’s be honest, we all want to look downright flawless in our photos. Thanks to the beautifying glam filter, this photo booth makes every shot Insta-ready by smoothing skin, enhancing features, and creating that coveted soft glow.

Sleek Backdrops & Effortless Lighting

Drab backdrops and harsh lightning? Glam filter photo booths don’t even know their names. Complete with your choice of sleek backdrops and professional studio lighting, these booths make striking the perfect pose a breeze.

Glam-ifying Moments In 3…2…1…

Taking a glam black and white photo is as easy as 3, 2, 1. Here’s how you can work the camera magic with Hipstr.

1. Strike A Pose

Grab your squad or significant other and decide on your fiercest look — elegant profiles, Charlie’s Angels, or a silly one for good measure — the glam booth is your oyster! And with Hipstr’s open space set up, you can fit up to 10 people in one photo.

2. Watch the Glam Happen

With the touch of a button, the booth will do its thing, capturing your crew in all their glam glory in a pic, GIF, or boomerang! You can’t go wrong because all will instantly give you a beautifying, smoothing complex in that dreamy black-and-white aesthetic. 

3. Share Your Moment

With unlimited prints and instant social sharing, Hipstr makes getting your images as glamorous as taking them.

Friends taking a glam filter GIF

Design The Ultimate Glam Booth With Hipstr’s Halo Package

Are you on the glam booth train with me now? Let me share how you can turn it into the next pièce de résistance at your wedding or next event. Hipstr’s Halo package allows you to fully customize your glam booth experience with all sorts of tantalizing options at an all-inclusive price. From unique backdrop designs to custom photo and GIF overlays, your choice of print sizes to four hours of unlimited prints, we’ll make sure your booth has all the pizzazz your heart desires.

Why settle for drab, run-of-the-mill photo ops when you can treat your guests to an evening dripping in vintage Hollywood vibes? Book a glam booth with Hipstr today and let the jaw-dropping, like-worthy pictures commence!

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