The Ultimate Dallas Spooktacular Halloween Party Guide

June 24, 2024
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When it comes to Dallas Halloween parties, the city of Tex-Mex and cowboy culture does not disappoint. Whether you are a local or a visitor, the city goes big on the night of October 31st every year. 

From Haunted Rooftop parties to Spooky Sunday brunches – Dallas, Texas is where you can make Halloween party dreams… or nightmares come to life. Whether you are planning an office party, a brand launch, or just a fun friends-only soiree – we have the ultimate Dallas party planning guide mapped out for you, complete with unmatched locations, unique party themes, and bloody-good entertainment ideas. 

Boo-tiful Party Locations 

Sure you can go boring and basic, but this is Halloween people – so rent a space your guests will be ‘dying’ to get into. 

🐉1. Dec On Dragon St. 

Located in the city's design district, Dec On Dragon St. offers an upscale event space with breathtaking rooftop views and first-floor retro-dream interiors. With a built-in bar for your monster guests and a stage where you can show off your costume – they have it all! 

✨2. Vouv Event Space

If you’re looking to brew up a frightful evening without getting your hands too bloody, Vouv Event Space’s rental comes with tables, chairs, linens, and an exclusive caterer. 

🎭3. Dallas Museum Of Art 

Looking for a unique space that will have your guests screaming with excitement? The Dallas Museum Of Art is located in the heart of the magical downtown Dallas Arts District and is the premier cultural destination for your Halloween theme party. 

Boo-tiful Bash Themes 

Yes Halloween parties don’t necessarily need a theme… but where's the fun in that? Just think of all the amazing puns you could put on your invites with these eerie-sistible Dallas theme ideas. 

🪚1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre BBQ Bash

Channel the infamous horror film with a Texas BBQ twist, featuring horror-themed décor, chainsaw props, and a menu inspired by Texan barbecue.

🧟2. Deep Ellum Zombie Crawl

Host a zombie-themed bar crawl through the vibrant Deep Ellum neighborhood, with participants dressed as undead Texans.

👻3. Dallas Ghostly Gala

If you’re inviting your boss and want to go the more upscale route, go with a formal costume party with a ghostly theme, incorporating elements of Dallas’s rich history and haunted locations.

Boo-ths For Every Theme 

For immersive party entertainment that will cast a spell on all your guests, look no further than a Halloween photo booth rental. At Hipstr we are Dalla’s premier interactive photo booth experts, and for good reason. 

👻Our photo booths offer engaging event entertainment that keeps your guests smiling from elf ear to bunny ear. 

👻Our stunning photo booths look like they’re dressed up from the future as they arrive in stunning modern attire and are packed with tech that will blow your goblin mind. 

👻Forget squeezing just the twins from the Shining into a photo booth, our open-air booths let you pack the house with the entire cast from The Big Bang Theory. 

We’ve also conjured up entertainment to pair with your photo booth: 

🎧 A DJ or  live music

🃏A tarot card reading

🎩A costume contests

Boo-st Your Social Presence 

Since all the Witches of Worry are asking what customization options does Hipstr offer for Halloween themes? And how do Hipstr’s booths enhance social media engagement for Halloween parties? Let me be the Fairy Godmother and tell you about our custom photo experiences.

Our open-air photo booths allow GIFs and boomerang creation, custom photo and GIF overlays, filters, instant social sharing, and even deep insights into social media metrics. So you can convince your boss that having a haunting brand launch IS the way to go, because yeah… it’s good for social. 

So if you’re pumpkin-spiced excited about a Halloween party in Dallas, contact your friends over here at Hipstr to book a photo booth. Here’s to wishing your Halloween party will be filled with thrills, chills, and pumpkin-filled delights. 

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