Wedding Photo Booth Prop Ideas & Alternatives To Make Your Big Day Pop!

May 24, 2024
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Hey there, bride-to-be! Putting together all the little details for your dream wedding can feel like a full-time job. From finding the perfect dress to nailing down that Insta-worthy venue, there's so much to think about! But you know what they say — it's all about those special touches that really make a wedding unforgettable.

And when it comes to keeping your guests entertained and creating fun, personalized memories? There’s nothing better than a photo booth! These days, photo booths are an absolute must for any bride wanting to throw an epic celebration. Not only do they provide built-in entertainment, but they also give you and your nearest and dearest a chance to capture all the love and laughter in crazy, unscripted snaps.

But here's the best part: with a little creativity, photo booth props can take your wedding experience to the next level! From playful signs and oversized glasses to cute keepsakes your guests can take home, props are a great way to get everyone feeling loose and ready to strike a pose.

4 Wedding Photo Booth Prop Ideas

Get those Pinterest boards ready — we're sharing our top wedding photo booth prop ideas to make your big day iconic:

Photo booth picture with wedding sign props

Romantic Signs & Phrases 

Send your guests home with beautiful reminders of your love story! Custom signs with romantic phrases or your names and wedding date make for sweet, shareable mementos.

Themed wedding photo booth props

Themed Accessories 

Plan on incorporating your wedding colors or theme into the decor? Why not extend it to the photo booth with themed accessories like floral crowns, patterned bow ties, or colored feather boas? So on-brand!

Decorative frames as a photo booth backdrop

Instagram-Worthy Frames 

These days, it's all about creating that effortless, candid vibe on the ‘gram. Oversized picture frames or funky-shaped cutouts will have your wedding party smizing like pros.

Neon monogram wedding photo booth prop

Personalized Wedding Signs

For a truly custom touch, design signs with your new shared monogram or wedding hashtag. Your guests will love snapping shots with these one-of-a-kind props!

What About Wedding Ceremony vs. Reception Props?

The right props can enhance both the ceremony and reception by aligning with your vision and theme while keeping guests engaged and providing memorable photo ops. Here’s how you might want to personalize the wedding day experience:

For the wedding ceremony:

  • Ceremony Signs or Banners: Decorative signs with romantic phrases like "Here Comes The Happy Couple" or custom banners with your names and wedding dates can make for fun ceremony photo booth opportunities. 
  • Floral Crowns or Bouquet Props: Whimsical floral crowns or oversized paper flower bouquet props tie in beautifully with an outdoor wedding ceremony vibe and give guests something to do before the ceremony starts.

For the wedding reception:

  • Decorate With Reception Table Props: Liven up the reception tables with themed props like personalized centerpieces, confetti poppers, or fun sunglasses for each place setting that guests can take with them to the photo booth.
  • Use Props For Your Photo Booth Backdrop: Create an eye-catching backdrop for the photo booth area with a custom neon sign, floral wall, or boxwood wall installation.
  • Provide Dancing Props: Encourage guests to hit the dance floor with glow sticks, fun masks, or novelty sunglasses that can double as fun props in your photo booth!
Custom overlay for a wedding photo print

Alternatives To Wedding Photo Booth Props

But what if props just aren't your vibe? We get it — some modern couples want a more streamlined, minimalist look for their wedding photo booth experience. And that's where Hipstr truly shines! With custom digital overlays, photo filters, stylish backdrop options, and on-trend fashion accessories (think trendy sunglasses or sparkly hair pieces), we make it easy to capture that effortless, editorial feel — no props required!

Props To You On Trusting Hipstr 

And since Hipstr is the premier photo booth vendor (we're talking about one of The Knot's 2024 Best of Wedding Hall of Famers here!), you can rest assured you're getting the best of the best on your big day. With top-of-the-line equipment, endless customization options, and a team of friendly attendants making sure every detail is perfect, your wedding photo booth will be a total hit!

No matter how you envision your dream photo booth setup, Hipstr has you covered. So what are you waiting for? Let's get this party started by booking your wedding photo booth today!

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