Your Ultimate Guide to Gif Photobooths: How to have the best GIF Photo Booth Experience

May 21, 2024
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At Hipstr we love spreading fun and capturing memories across the nation more than anyone. So when it came to finding an innovative way to create a GIF Photo Booth experience like no other, we wanted to lead the pack.  

So hop onboard the fun train, because these GIF photo booth rentals are becoming widely popular for corporate events, weddings, parties, and any event needing that extra oomph. I’m Hayley, your photo booth insider. In this ultimate guide, I’ll be sharing with you all the juicy details surrounding these interactive booths and answering all your burning questions. From breaking down the basics to knowing how to maximize your GIF photo booth experience – nothing is off limits.

People smiling in an open air photo booth

What is a gif photo booth?

A GIF used to be one of those annoying and gaudy graphics you’d text to your friends to make fun of them. But now gifs are used everywhere and for just about every situation. Now getting a gif from someone or seeing it on social media brings a smile to your face.

So why not take the modern love of gifs and mash it with the much-loved photo booth classic to create an epic experience that lasts longer than a picture?

But what is a gif booth vs a photo booth?
Well, unlike traditional photo booths that pop out prints on-site of you kissing your crush in an enclosed booth, GIF photo booths capture a series of photos and create an animated GIF. The best part is, that this lively GIF can be instantly shared and uploaded to social media.

Not only will you be able to capture all the spontaneous and silly moments during your event with gif booths, but you’ll be able to watch them on a loop in a unique and totally shareable way. Speaking of sharing, GIF photo booths will send you your newly greeted GIF straight to your phone that you can then text to all your friends who ‘couldn’t make it.’

These booths still come with all the glam of lights, cameras, and action –  but now you can turn memories into motion with GIF photo booths.

Some GIF photobooths are battery-powered, so you can capture all the fun where outlets are sparse. At Hipstr, this is a customization feature you can add to your rental.

A GIF of a bear saying 'WOW'

Why choose a GIF Photo Booth Rental for Events?

If you're interested in getting a GIF photo booth, you'll have many options as they are sweeping the nation as we speak. But what events are they ideal for? And why should you choose one for your next event?

Well let me ask you three things:
Is your event more on the fun side?
Is your goal to encourage interaction?
Are you wanting your event to get a lot of social media attention?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then yes, a gif photo booth rental is for you. Gif photo booths are all about fun interactions on a loop and they are literally made to create a buzz of excitement.

Our top 3 reasons to have a Gif photo booth at your next event would be:
1. Total guest interaction.
2. Instant social media ability.
3. A memorable keepsake that won’t be left behind.

Think of GIF photo booths as digital photo booths, the memories live on forever in the form of a loop video that can be shared, re-shared, and then re-shared some more.

Friends in a photo booth

How much is a gif booth?

Of course onto the big question… how much does a GIF photo booth cost? It depends on all the bells and whistles you choose to go with. But we will say that the rise of nationwide photo booth rentals has made finding and sourcing a GIF photo booth rental very accessible.

The total cost of renting one of these bad boys can start at around $700 and go upwards into the high thousands. You can even go a little wild and get a green screen backdrop to make your GIF customized, but of course, that will cost you some cheddar. So let's talk about all those customizable options now.  

How to have an epic GIF Photo Booth Experience!

Whether you are renting a GIF photo booth for your wedding or your boss’ retirement party – you want your rental to be unique. Above all you want your guests to have an unforgettable experience.

Our first tip to maximizing your rental is to let your creativity run wild by adding a GIF animated Overlay, a GIF animated background, or using Green Screen in your set-up. If you do plan on using a Green Screen or unique backdrop, just keep in mind the space these take up. Normally, you’ll need about an 8 X 10-foot footprint for these.

Because most photo booths feature a backdrop anyway, you can take your experience for your guests to the next level with other customized options. Animations and graphics add a fun customized element to your GIF and offer a great way to really show your branding or theme colors.

However you choose to customize your GIF photo booth, just keep in mind GIFs of any kind will always be fun to share. So have fun with it, and create an atmosphere where all of your guests will let loose.

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