Bringing The Party To You: A Complete Guide To Photo Booth Rental Costs

June 14, 2024
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Photo booths are like buying windows for your house… the quotes vary so much, how do you know you’re getting a good deal? Plus, if the deal is good, will the product be good? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Maybe you’ve seen a photo booth at a party and thought, “man I’d love one at my wedding”. Or maybe you’ve rented a photo booth before but it was back when a dozen eggs were $1.50 so you know prices change. Whatever stage you are at in the photo booth cost comparison, I want to help you out. I’m going to walk you through the basics of photo booth rental costs all the way up to add-ons and even luxury photo booth options. That way, no matter what budget you have in mind you know where to turn to and what deals are actually good for you. 

The Down Low: Understanding Photo Booth Rental Costs

So let's cut to the chase… what should you expect to pay for a decent photo booth rental? Right now, a good photo booth rental is going to start at around $700 to $900.  I say good, because yes, you can rent a photo booth for $300 but believe me… you’ll regret it. 

When you start researching photo booth companies you’ll quickly discover that you are in the business of collecting quotes. Which is great, you want to price compare. But I will save you a lot of waiting around by checking out our packages at Hipstr. That’s because we have transparent instant pricing. Just go through the quick process of choosing which photo booth you want, fill in the details, and boom –  get an instant quote. Who doesn’t love saving time? Also, our photo booths are great quality and priced competitively so we do have great pricing. 

Price Options: Types Of Photo Booths For Rent

What you’ll also want to look for when researching photo booth costs is what all is included. For example, some companies charge extra for delivery or printing. So always read the fine print and ask what all is included. Pssst… we never charge for either of those things by the way. All of our photo booths are delivered onsite and we offer unlimited prints. 

Now when it comes to specific photo booth experiences, there are a lot of options. Thanks to the wonderful advancement of technology, you don’t have to go with a standard photo booth box option. Unless that is your style, then more retro power to you. 

For example, at Hipstr we have packages ranging from a sleek modern photo booth to very fun interactive photo booths, all the way up to glam luxury photo booths. Again, it just depends on your budget and your need for your event. For a more detailed look into our top 5 varying package options, read this guide here. 

Varying Prices: Exclusive Features And Add-Ons

After you select which photo booth option is right for your event, don’t forget about all the cool ad-ons. A lot of our photo booth packages include some great features at no additional cost. But we also offer a ton of customizable options as add-ons. 

Most of our photo booths are social media-integrated photo booths, meaning you can post to your favorite social channels and see real-time data. 

GIFS and video activations are of course going to cost you more, but with our Array package, they are included. 

Custom photo booth experiences that will be at an additional price would be a custom backdrop, a custom border for your photos, and an extended rental time. Of course, we also write custom quotes where we design a package for your unique needs, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact our team. 

A Booth For Everyone: Plan Your Hipstr Photo Booth Experience

As I mentioned before, at Hipstr we have tons of photo booth options. But if you’re looking for the best deal with one all-inclusive price and amazing technology – go with our most popular choice, the HALO package. 

It’s an open-air photo booth so you can fit up 10 people in each pose, great as an engagement photo booth. The halo package has a sleek and sexy design and still gives you everything you want in a photo booth. Unlimited prints, 4 hours of event time, gifs, boomerangs, and instant sharing, all in one low-cost package.

FAQs About Hipstr’s Photo Booth Rentals 

Q: What makes Hipstr's photo booths more interactive and engaging compared to traditional ones?

A: With open-air photo booths your guests get to mingle more, smile more, and pose more. Frankly, each of our packages just offers more. 

Q: How can clients personalize their photo booth experience with Hipstr?

A: We cater to a lot of high-end clients that want customization at every corner. So we are used to creating custom backdrops, designs, and experiences at the drop of a hat. We also have a full in-house design team that curates all of our custom requests. 

Q: What are the cost implications of different customization options?

A: You’ll start at about $700 for a basic rental and then ad-ons range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up into the thousands – it really just depends on what you are asking for. 

Q: How does Hipstr ensure a high-quality and reliable service for events nationwide?

A: Although our roots started in New York City and Tampa, we have expanded into a nationwide operation. However, we’ve kept our growth at a pace where we could be hands-on every time we stepped further out, ensuring quality was and is the best it can be. We have high Hipstr standards and we hold ourselves to them. We go so far as to require a Hipstr Host at every photo booth rental for quality monitoring and a personal Hipstr experience. 

So are you ready to book your photo booth rental? Great! Contact our team today to get started. 

You bring the people, we’ll bring the fun! 

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