Elevate Your Event with A Modern Open-Air Photo Booth

June 14, 2024
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Unless you’re in middle school and hoping for a kiss from your crush, enclosed photo booths aren’t necessary. Open-air photo booths are becoming increasingly popular, so today let's knock down those four walls and reveal the allure of these bad boys. 

Why Open-Air Photo Booths? 📸

So when it comes to an open-air photo booth rental, what's all the fuss about? Well, for starters you can say goodbye to the rules of traditional photo booths like only 2 people per photo and one angle only. Open-air photo booths allow tons of people to have fun together. They aren’t just an activity at an event, they are an experience. 

Open-air photo booths are basically interactive photo booths. Meaning, they are open so everyone can see out and more importantly, everyone can look in at all the fun going on inside. They are ideal for engagement and keeping the party going. 

At Hipstr, our open-air photo booths have been perfected to create an all-encompassing photo booth package that pops! 

Technology Made To Knock Your Socks Off ✨

Photo booth technology has grown up! Gone are the days of chunky boxes you squeeze into. Open-air photo booth technology is evolving at lightning speed, so obviously we keep up with it. 

So what are the technical capabilities of Hipstr’s open-air photo booths? We harness the power of up to 11 cameras! Yes, that’s 11 cameras snapping incredible photos of you and your friends. We then stitch these showstopping photos together to create GIFs. Because let's face it, if you can’t send a GIF to your friends who couldn’t make the event, what's the point? 

Our open-air package takes up a slightly larger space of 10’ X 12’ to comfortably accommodate all the high-res 3D capabilities. But more importantly, the larger-than-life photo booth size makes it possible to fit all of your friends in every photo. 

Customization For Days! 🥳

Everyone says they ‘customize’ their packages – but we really mean it. With true custom photo experiences, you get access to all of our unique Hipstr open-air photo booth features along with custom upgrades to take your event from mild to hot real fast. 

You can choose from our many standard backdrops or upgrade to a completely custom backdrop. We even offer custom photo booth print overlays and borders. 

Events Screaming For An Open-Air Photo Booth 😱

So with their glam Hollywood-paparazzi vibe, what events are ideal for these photo booths? Ummm any event? 

Okay yes, it sounds cliche to say – but open-air photo booths really are made for all events. From your basic event photo booths, corporate event booths, wedding photo booths, and more – that need a touch of WOW, open-air photo booths are the way to go. We love to say that the two best events these photo booths are great for are weddings and event/brand launches. Just keep in mind that these photo booths are larger, so the space and setup needed are a bit more. After all, does Beyonce walk onto a small stage? No, of course not.

But don’t worry, if you need more help choosing a photo booth our ultimate photo booth guide can help you out. 

Why Hipstr Open-Air Photo Booth Packages? 📦

So what sets Hipstr’s open-air photo booths apart from traditional booths? We bring the glam! Our photo booths are sleek, sexy, and pack a punch of something special in each one. We believe that a photo booth shouldn’t just take great photos, it should look great too! 

We use modern technology to make interacting with the photo booth a breeze, combined with upscale design to ensure the photo booth fits into your upscale event seamlessly. We figure, why have a photo booth that is an eyesore when the photo booth can be the start of the show? 

FAQs About Hipstr’s Open-Air Photo Booth Rentals ✅

Q: What’s included in the Array Open-Air Photo Booth Package 
A: Everything! We include everything you need for non-stop fun! 


Q: Are the gifs from the Array booth postable to Instagram?

A: Yes! All of our outputs are instantly shareable on ALL social media platforms.  

If you need help from a Hipstr pro team member to fully customize your open-air photo booth package, we’d love to help! Contact our team today! 😀

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