The Ultimate How-To Guide On Booking Photo Booths For Any Event

May 6, 2024
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So you’ve decided you want a photo booth to take your next event from “meh” to magical — now what do you do? Whether you're organizing a fairytale wedding reception, a celebratory corporate shindig, or a birthday party, having the right photo booth can make all the difference. So it’s best to trust the pros with this one, and you don’t have to take just my word for it. Hipstr’s over 1,000+ 5-star reviews and millions of moments captured at weddings across the country, the Grammy’s, and corporate events for the likes of Amazon, Instagram, and more speak for themselves. 

What follows is my ultimate guide on to how to get a photo booth, ensuring this part of the party planning process is easier than learning the latest TikTok dance (IFKYK). Let’s dive in!🥳

The First Steps: Nailing Down the Basics

Before you start browsing photo booth options (as a chronic new tab opener myself, I’m only trying to help🧑‍💻), there are a few key decisions you'll want to lock down first. First things first: what kind of event are you hosting? Photo booths are perfect for all sorts of occasions including:

  • Wedding receptions
  • Birthday parties
  • Baby showers
  • Corporate events
  • Graduations
  • Holiday festivities

[Check out our full guide on Ideal Occasions To Rent a Photo Booth]

Secondly, you’ll want to look at things like your overall event budget, the specific features you're looking for, and the overall vibe you want to create. After all, there's a world of photo booth magic out there, and you want to make sure you choose the perfect fit. Here’s a quick checklist of information you’ll want to have handy:

  • Have you booked a venue and set an event date?
  • How many guests are you expecting? 
  • What is the event style you’re going for?
  • What is your budget for a photo booth? 
  • What are your goals for your photo booth?

As for features to look for, the possibilities are endless! But I’ve got the must-have considerations when deciding on a booth rental from a reputable rental company. 

Video showcasing the features of Hipstr's photo booth

First and foremost, high-res cameras and pro-level lighting are essential — you want those high-quality photo prints that are so crisp and flattering, your guests will be fighting over who gets to post them first. 

And the booth's software? It better be as user-friendly and versatile as you are, with all the bells and whistles like green screen magic, GIF-tastic capabilities, and seamless social sharing. 

Customizable printouts and photo strips are also a must — think sizes, layouts, and even a little branding flair to make those keepsakes truly Insta-worthy. 

Aesthetics are up next. You'll definitely want to find a booth that can match your event's vibe with coordinated backdrops and totally on-brand photo templates.

And don’t forget about logistics like portability, easy setup, and reliable customer support — you need a stress-free, hassle-free photo booth service experience from start to finish. 

Choosing the Right Photo Booth for Your Event

Now that you've nailed down the basics, it's time to start exploring the different types of photo booths and finding the one that perfectly aligns with your event vision.

Traditional Photo Booth: The OG photo booth experience that's perfect for capturing classic, shareable snapshots. Great for weddings, corporate events, and beyond. Many are now even offerings iPad or tablet-based user interfaces for easy operation.

GIF Booths: For the ultimate in fun and entertainment, a GIF booth is where it's at. These booths capture your guests in animated glory, resulting in hilarious, digital photo content perfect for social media.

Virtual Photo Booths: These cutting-edge digital experiences let your guests strike a pose from anywhere, with zero logistical headaches. 

360-Degree Photo Booths: Talk about a dimensional photo op! These booths use a spinning camera to capture your guests from every single angle, creating mesmerizing, fully immersive content.

Glam Filter Booths: Remember the viral black-and-white Kardashian Christmas pic? Now you can recreate your own with a glam photo booth that will have you and all your guests looking and feeling like their most glamorous selves.

Hipstr attendent and party goers interacting behind the scenes

Honestly, you can’t go wrong, it all depends on what you want to achieve with the goals we laid out earlier in the process. 

Finding the Perfect Photo Booth Partner

Alright, now that you've got the vision all mapped out, it's time to start searching for the photo booth provider that can bring it to life. But before you start clicking "book now" on the first option that pops up, there are a few key things to vet:

👀 Vendor Reputation: Check out their online reviews, social media presence, and overall industry rep. You want a photo booth team that knows its stuff and consistently delivers top-notch service. Lucky for you Hipstr has over 1,000 5-star reviews to peruse for peace of mind as well as Hipstr hosts all over the country ready to help!

📝 Compliance & Safety: Make sure the vendor is fully licensed and insured, with all the proper permits to operate at your event venue. Safety first, my friends! (Psst Hipstr’s all squared away on these, I checked, don’t worry).

🤔 Compatibility: Chat with potential vendors to get a feel for their communication style and how well they understand your specific needs. You want a partner who's as pumped about your vision as you are! You can contact Hipstr for more specific questions about events you’re bringing to life.

Photo booth setup behind the scenes

The Finishing Touches: Booking a Booth

Alright, you've made it this far — time to seal the deal with Hipstr! We’ve made booking easier than ever. All you have to do is fill out your contact information and event details, we’ll give you the exact pricing for everything (all-inclusive with no hidden fees) and you can book your booth instantly! You’ll get a Hipstr host to set up, four hours of actual event time, unlimited prints, customizable overlays and backdrops, instant social sharing, and take-down once it’s over. It really is that easy.

Now that you've got all your t's crossed and i's dotted, it's time to sit back, relax, and get ready for the photo booth extravaganza of a lifetime! Your guests are going to be absolutely wowed, and you'll be the hero who threw the event everyone's still talking about.

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