Snap Into The New Year In Tampa: Unleash Party Magic with a Hipstr Photo Booth!

June 11, 2024
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Whether you choose to say Bon Voyage to the year on the Yacht StarShip in downtown Tampa, ring in the New Year on a rooftop in Midtown, or keep it private with a NYE party at the Edition Tampa –  you’ll want to capture every fun moment. So when it comes to creating your ‘to-do’ list for your Tampa New Year's Eve party, don’t forget about the photo booth rental. 

But don’t worry, your friends over here at Hipstr have you covered! We are Tampa’s premier NYE photo booth rental company and we’re kinda the life of the party. 🕺

So let’s transform all of your Tampa Bay NYE events by taking them from basic to cheers-able in a snap! 

Why Book A Hipstr Photo Booth For Your Tampa NYE Celebration?

Right out of the gate, you can cross ‘booking interactive entertainment’ off your to-do list. With Hipstr photo booths the photo booth becomes your entertainment. Yes, we’re ‘that friend’ who likes to be the center of attention, but don’t worry, we’ll keep your guests entertained for hours. 

🎉 How can Hipstr photo booths enhance the guest experience at a NYE party?

New Year's Eve parties are all about going over the top with the glitz and the glam. That’s why our booths are gorgeous to look at, fun to interact with, and produce the most stunning images possible.

🥳 What are the unique features of Hipstr photo booths that are perfect for NYE celebrations?

We offer over 6 different photo booth packages to choose from. Whether creating stunning gifs and boomerangs is important to you or you’re planning a party in a small venue – we have options on top of options for you. 

From photo booths that can fit 10+ people in each pose to photo booths that transform your images into mosaic walls – we have photo booths and ad-ons galore. So swipe left until you find your perfect match.

🍾 How does Hipstr handle custom themes and designs for NYE parties?

Custom NYE photo experiences are pretty much our jam! Aside from our large selection of backdrops, we also offer custom backdrops that we’ll make custom to your theme or event need. We also personalize your photo prints with whatever you’d like as a border. 

Made For Every Tampa New Year's Eve Party

From traditional photo booths to Kardashian-style glam booths – you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your photo booth. With Tampa locations and weather, we always suggest asking yourself a few basic questions when choosing the photo booth for your specific NYE party. 

❓1. Is the venue inside or outside? If it’s outside is there a place for the photo booth in case it does rain? 

❓2. What size of space is there for the photo booth? 

❓3. Do you want props or are you picking a photo booth that doesn’t need props? 

❓4. What’s your plan for midnight? Is there a way to use the photo booth to ring in the New Year? 

❓5. What’s the dress code? Choose a backdrop that enhances what everyone is wearing to the party. 

{Check out our guide on selecting the right photo booth for your event here}

End The Year, Not The Fun! 

Just because the year is coming to an end doesn’t mean the fun should stop at the stroke of midnight. Hipstr photo booths have digital sharing integrated into all of our photo booths. So you can instantly share incredible memories on all of your social media channels and even text them to all of your friends. Just another reason, we don’t let the fun stop. 

Whether you are planning an epic end-of-year office party or a glamorous New Year's Eve celebration – you’ll want to lock in your photo booth now. New Year's is a popular time for photo booth rentals, so book yours today with Hipstr. 

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